$500 gaming laptop

I have $500 for a laptop for work and travel but would also like to be able to play some less demanding games on it. I know $500 won't get me much graphics performance but what would be the best bang for my buck? I am thinking an apu and 8gb of ram would be my best bet. Something like this Dell

what recommends do you all have?

A10 APU with 8GB is indeed the best you can get unless you can wait until skylake. They are going to have very good on-board graphics and the ones on the desktop broadwell CPUs already rival APUs

Unfortunately, I can't wait until August. I would like to purchase the laptop this week.

The $500 is bit of a pipe dream. But this is what I found. It should play your basic games (top down 2d shooter, puzzle games. A10 cpu and bit better graphics than the dell to boot. 17.3" screen. Only down side is its full of hp bloatware, so you'll have to take that off. And the 5400 RPM HDD is a cap in the knees, but you could always replace with an SSD down the line. This should get you by.

Well it is a work laptop first and gaming second if it can handle it. Boss gave me a budget and that's it. I'm sure I will be able to play binding of Isaac and games similar to that, just want recommendations to get the most out of the 500. I may pick up a 128GB MX100 with my own money just to speed it up a bit.

Oh yeah that will be fine then.

amd a10 apu or Intel i3 with gtx 840m best choices