$500 gaming computer near next gen strength

Hi guys Loler920a here and I want to build a new desktop(Upgrading from a laptop).

 If this cant be done try get something very close to it.


Has to run planetside 2 on max (includes GPU PhysX I have a knack for this game and my laptop barely runs it)

Runs most new games at a minimum of 30FPS at high to max (by max I mean Ultra) 

Must be flexible ( By flexible I mean able to be easily upgraded in the future with no conflicts)

Budget 500 but it can go slightly over

All money goes to the rig not the mouse monitor etc

Able to take to lan partys

might add more criterias' later but this is a basic layout

Random side notes that might make me slightly more happier (Not too important)

I don't know why but I have a knack for Intel Asus and Nvidia stuff. 

Doesn't really need a DVD drive I can get it from an old rig

Hardware able to last

Might add more side notes


We have to get this Spread around so people can help.

IMO You'd be better off with AMD if you want the flexibility. They've been using the same socket for years and just a firmware update to support new processors.

My best attempt at a $500 build (I'm from the UK, its ~£300)


mATX so small and transportable (LAN sorted)
Should be capable of running Planetside 2 at 30FPS I'm not sure about running everything at Ultra though, you'll have to scale back on your budget or an extra $250 and you can start making demands

If you want to go Nvidia you could swap out for a 650TI Boost but you loose some (fractional) MHz for more moolar http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-video-card-gtx650tibdc2oc2gd5boost


This was my attempt at a $500 build

just gonna point out the rumors saying AM3+ is a dead socket.

Also, most M-ATX AM3+ boards suck.

I, however, do agree that at this price point, AMD is the way to go.

ITX build.  Not much upgradeability, though.