£500 for ITX Case, MOBO, CPU, RAM & 144Hz Monitor

Hello there!

I was just looking for a little bit of advice with regards to a build. I currently have a Corsair PSU, Nvidia 770, SSD and I have set myself a budget of £500 for the remaining parts.

Budget - £500
Currency - £ I know :(
Is there a retailer you prefer - Not really, Amazon?
What will you be using your Glorious computer for? Mostly gaming
Do you overclock or want to get into overclocking? Not with this rig
What specific game will you be playing? - CS:GO


That is what I have come up with myself but my hardware knowledge isn't great these days, if anyone would like to chip in with some advice please feel free.

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Your missing a Power Supply and Storage, also, if your gonna bother with a beefy CPU, should probably do better for graphics than Intel HD and go for a dedicated GPU if the GPU fits in a case.

He probably have those already...
@Mac, looks OK... I have 2 things to say.
1. I don't remember if the case comes with filters or not, so you may want to use some third party dust filters on the side.
2. Depending on the GPU I assume you already have, you may want to check out some freesync monitors. The benefit is the smoother gameplay experience in general, even with lower framerates, so you may crank up the visuals a bit...

In the original post he stated

@Mac what you have picked out seems solid to me. I may add an after market cpu cooler as well, maybe something like Corsair H60 or a small form factor air cooler if you have the money to spare =)

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I would say Noctua U12S... Cheaper, quieter, safer, cooler, uglier...

It wont fit in the case needs to be under 140mm im pretty sure