500 dollar pc build!

hey guys,

this is my first build which i probably gonna do in the summer.

im on a pretty strict budget, so i can't really go over

its actually a 400 dollar build but i need a monitor and a wifi adapter

heres what i have so far:


any suggestions?

hey dude, that's a pretty good build. :D But 6670s will force you to play games on medium, yet a nice budget card. Could you go over $50 in your budget? If so, here's a nice $550 Gaming system (Not Logan's, though)


Forgot to post teh link. Check my post. And you live in Canada? (me facepalm)

Okay, I'll try another build


lol yup!

and for a little cheaper, i managed to do this


which ones better, the amd build or the intel?