$500 Dollar Gaming PC Build?

Can any of you help me put together a decent build for $500ish?

Not Including OS, KB+M and Monitor

Games I Wanna Play:







you could also try and find amd cards but they are out of stock a lot of places


Here you go, >500USD R9 270, Athlon 750K 3.4Ghz, 8GB Ram. I definitely recommend going for at least 1TB, preferably 2TB of hard drive space though, especially if you are going to buy alot of games on special through steam and/or store media/music. My steam folder is over 400GB and at a guess more than half the games I have are not installed.

I recommend the segate drives (STX000M001), they are fast.


It features a HD7870ghz edition, Athlon II X4 760K, 1tb 7200rpm HDD and 8gb ram, all in a mini sized case (cougar spike) case, although its both fairly open and supports 4x120mm fans, and the GPU has a very good twin fan cooler, so the system should run plenty cool enough despite having a stock heat-sink.

I went with the slightly more expensive HD7870ghz over a gtx660 because I feel its higher raw performance will age far better than the slightly better optimized drivers and games NVIDIA offers, especially with the large number of AMD titles both just arrived and still coming due to there hardware now being in both of the new consoles. It also has a history of overclocking better than the gtx660, if that interests you.

One thing I'd like to change is to get 2 additional fans, probably PWM ones to keep noise low when your not gaming, but they didn't fit under the $500 so its your choice.

If you had another $100 you could build a FX-6300 with gtx760 on a ATX mobo in something like a NZXT source 210, but I feel that's way outside the budget here, despite that being a bit more upgradable and probably faster for the money.