500$ console killer help my first build

Hello, i'm looking to build my console killer i'm no computer pro, but i'm looking to build a pc under $500 that i can add on to like ram, graphics card, hdd stuff like that i'm not looking to play games on amazing settings just no lag is ideal i don't have a list and that's why i need your help any response is awesome thanks for your help is advance(: 

Edit: i already have monitor, keyboard, mouse, but i need os not looking to pirate it either 

Well you could wait for Kaveri to come out, but you would probably be better of getting some sort of chirstmas specials (especially if from USA) or whatever, in this case your build should be based on whats on special, what sort of cases are on special, what sort of PSUs are on special, the ram that is on special etc..etc..

That budget is really hard to swallow, for a decent pc you need 800 dollars. I suggest you save till you have 800.

get more money. 500$ with a os is nothing. you need a whole new system in 2 years if you wan't a to play new games.  save some money so like 600 +os is 680$. with the sales like today you get a 7950 for almost free

I can get you close:


You will need to add a bit more to get the OS that you want, but this is at least a sufficiently powerful computer to rival and beat the new consoles.


I would suggest Mndless' build, but since you asked for upgradeability, I went with the AM3+ socket and full ATX.

Max I would upgrade would be 16GB of RAM, SSD, FX-6350, and maybe a HD 7870/7950

This build will let you play any modern game at 1080p at medium-high settings at 60FPS.  It will perform on par with the PS4, but it's far more upgradable than a PS4 and the games are far cheaper.  You may end up spending $100 more than a PS4 initially, but within a year you'll have saved far more than that because of the cheap games.  Oh, and did I mention it comes with an OS?

Partlist: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/232os

Total After MIR: $486.91



you can't get it better and you can easily oc the 7850 a bit but stock clocks are pretty good. you can play your games with it.


ahtlon vs i5 with a 7850 2gb is like 5 fps. i5 is good if your using 780 or 7970 or higher or crossfire.

the ram is just a cheap 2x4gb. for ram. get the cheap 2x4gb with atleast 1600mhz. 2133mhz is really good and the ram on the build is 2400mhz with descent cas latency. bf4 prefers faster ram. (linustechtips) future games will make use of high speed ram. but 1600mhz isn't bad. but 65$ for that kit is amazing. normally 75-85$

fx 4 core isn't much faster than a 6350 so stupid upgrade. better save on the mobo and buy the fx 6300 on sale for the same price. 16gb is also stupid. why the fuck you need that? most high end games use 6gb/8gb but run fine on 4gb. 7870 is 0-10% faster than a 7850. 7850 oc is better than a 7870 stock so why?


go with the athtlon and the 7850 for that amazing price and msi isn't bad. it's pretty damn good. you upgrade on the build i gave you. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/24XRP . would be a cpu cooler like a nzxt t40 or t20 so you can oc your cpu a bit. like 4.3ghz for 5fps more maybe. seems less but it is free performance and the cooler will keep the cpu cooler than the standard cpu cooler so the change your cpu fails is less.

and btw. for 10$ you can buy a e35 instead of a p33. i like the e35 more.

are u sure i want to spend 500$ with os?


a xbox one is 500$ and a ps4 is 400% plus online 60$ a year. so 550$-600$ would be a better price so you can buy the 6300 7850 2gb msi and a nzxt t40/t20. that would be awesome system.


It's an APU build and will require updates in the future to gain performance but as it stands i feel it can do all you want as a starting point. Should also be ready for Kaveri when its released and can still use a discrete GPU in the future. You would have to play with details/res to find a decent level.

When you go to the link where the cooler is, it just shows some shitty fan. :/ Dunno why

I don't know where you're getting half this information from.  I have an FX-4300 which is on par with the Athlon X4 760K, but is based on the AM3+ chipset for upgradeability to a 6 core CPU if the OP wishes to do so.  And where did you think the FX-4300 runs faster than a 6350?

Also, sure, save on the motherboard that can already barely handle the power draw of a AMD 6 Core CPU.  I'm totally sure you'll be happy when, in a couple months, your motherboard doesn't work anymore and your VRMs smell funny.

16GBs?  I had 8.  Kingston HyperX Black went up in price again, so I updated the build a little bit here:


2400mhz RAM is also difficult to pair up with another 2400mhz kit(if the user ever so desired to upgrade), as mixing kits that are higher clocked often run into compatibility problems(even with the same part #.  Remember, no two pieces of silicon are alike).  And TBH, 2400mhz RAM doesn't do anything to help gaming, unless you're running an APU or iGPU.

Keep in mind that the CPU you're putting into the FM2 socket is the highest end you'll probably get for that socket.  There's no upgradeablity for the CPU in there. and the PSU is too weak for anything higher than a HD 7870(no point in upgrading if you have a 7850).

Also, your board is M-ATX therefore minimizing both size and cost, at the cost of less slots for various cards if the OP ever wanted to do so.  The space saving M-ATX board is also rendered useless due to the fact that you're still sticking that relatively small motherboard into a Mid-Tower ATX case.