$500 budget build

Hey guys so, I was bored and decided to build a PC. This PC features an A88X motherboard. I am not completely sold on APUs so i went with an Athlon 760k and a R7 260x. If in the future a were to new a upgrade I could just swap out the 760k with an A-10 7850k since it does crossfire with the card i chose. How much of a performance boost will the APU get when crossfired with the 260x?


Here is the build:http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2HAc4


Just a question of curiosity, will AMD release a new line of Athlon processors because if they do I would like to upgrade to one of those instead of an APU.  


Any and all feed back is appreciated.


I like this this build just i would spend less money on the ram and more on the graphics card. And for the motherboard i have no idea about motherboards so i would ask someone about that motherboard before purchuse.

I think you can only crossfire the A10-7850k with a R7 GPU that uses DDR3 RAM.

A10-6800k will crossfire with some of the 6xxx cards, and rumors of low end 7xxx cards.

From what i've read they crossfire with the new R7 cards because they both share GCN and mantle support. 

Here's a chart I found:



Read more: http://wccftech.com/amd-kaveri-apu-a107850k-gaming-general-performance-unveiled-mantle-45-faster-directx/#ixzz2rStaGngv

Ah, my sources are outdated.  APU should work with both DDR3 and GDDR5.  However, doing something like this is not cost-effective.