$500-700 Build for CAD

Hey guys and girls,

I need to build a CAD machine for uni. It will be used for CAD and writing up assignments, no gaming. Using two 1080p displays. already have displays, keyboard and mouse. 

Living in Aus everything is like twice as expensive as it is in 'Merica. I would by parts from pccasegear.com or www.msy.com.au.

Not sure if CAD can take advantage from a good gpu or if it is all about the cpu. The CAD files I deal with are not huge so 8gb of ram should do.

Not sure how to get a good balance, I always end up picking parts that make me go way over budget. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



cad needs a decent gpu, but relies on cpu a good bit.


if you need windows



This gets you more graphics and processing power and a much better storage drive for $702


Something to consider.