$500-600 PC Build

The most I can possibly pay for to upgrade my PC is in the 500-600 range. These are my preferences:

I don't care what GPU manufacturer is used, all I need to know is what is the best bang for the money.

I will be scrapping a few parts out of my current PC, so I will not need a hard drive, OS, RAM, or a PSU, as what I have right now still works perfectly. The only things being replaced are the GPU, CPU, motherboard, and the case (I kind of dislike this case to be honest)

For the CPU, I highly prefer going with an AMD CPU because I will not be doing any editing and I hear AMD can be better with streaming considering I might do streaming in the future via Twitch.

If you can, throw in an aftermarket CPU cooler, I don't really like stock coolers whatsoever, and I might overclock a little.

More on the GPU, I want one that is non-reference design. Examples: Direct CUII, Twin Forzar, etc.

On the case, I would like one that is good at noise cancelling and keeping dust out because I will be putting all of my fans on full blast to keep the PC as cool as possible, I'm paranoid when it comes to temperatures, and I hate dust an awful lot.

Include quality thermal paste in the build as well, I don't need a CPU heating up because the thermal paste turned into cement.


Anyway, that is all for now, go crazy in the comments

UPDATE: I will be mostly gaming with this PC just to clarify a bit more on what I am doing.

What games would you be streaming on twitch ??
And everything you said here ... dude you can't get that from 600$ you need atleast 1000$ and that's just basics with some older parts 


The thermal paste that comes with the Hyper 212 is fine.  If you insist on getting fancy thermal paste, I included AS5.  Also, a way to keep dust out of your computer is to raise it just a little bit off the ground.  It helps.  A lot.  If you had a larger budget, I'd pick up a Fractal Design Define R4, but I would have to dumb down some of the components.  The Source 210 only has one fan, so I picked up a cheap fan.  Put that in the front of the case as an intake to help with the airflow.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/23vzq.  That's OK for upgrades, if you want to over clock swap a hyper 212 and a 990fx, but I'd rather a ssd at this budget