500$-600$ Friend Build

Hello everyone!

I recently built a computer, as well as a friend. Soon, another will be upgrading. However, another one of my friends wishes to jump apon the bandwagon, and dosen't have much of a budget. He wishes to spend 500$-600$ on a PC. And is hoping to play ARMA 2, Assassin's Creed 3, Far-Cry 3, and Battlefield 3. He is a console gamer, and wants to have a better experence than on console. It's time to move over to PC, but you guys need to help me out. I'm not sure what budget parts I could get for him, as my build was 2000$.

Thank you.


-AMD Prefered

-No need for fancy casing

-Wishes for a 'portable case' (Handles/small)

-No accessorys needed (He has a keyboard, mic, mouse.)


this is likely the build im going with it is $625 but its blindingly fast and if you want down grade to a 7850 or down to a 500gb hdd

^ best build for 625 hands down, i was going to post the same thing but with an msi board, and a corsiar 200r case.

honestly this is a better build


that 7870 is tahitan it performs just under the 7950 and its only $10 more then the current 7870 if you really wanna save money the powercolor version of that card is on sale but this one has a lot better cooling  all i can say is enjoy and this is my build when i get my taxes adjust are you see fit

Thank you Forangejuice. Looks good! Ordering within a month.

we'll with dex's build you could save some more and go with the ASrock extreme 3 because your case doesn't supports the front usb connectors so yeah.

LoThailand I could help

* lol glad I could help