500-600 bugdet gameing pc

With cyber Monday coming around i want to build a new budget gaming computer I live in California in the united states. I play mainly League and a few other mmos but I'm looking to build a pc that can run any game at mid to high settings with good fps. I'm looking to spend around 600-500$ on this pc i already have peripherals and the os just building the tower I'm hoping to get a decent deal around 500 if possible this is what I'm thinking so far build wise its


I don't know what graphics card would be best so any and all feed back would be greatly appreciated Ive only build 2 other pcs and all from logans recommended budget pc builds.



Cheaper RAM(should still have same performance), and added a GPU

HD 7870 would be pretty good with the 760K.  Anything higher and I would expect some bottlenecking if you didn't overclock your CPU.

so you would recommend 1330 ram instead of 1600?

if I were you I'd try to their a 64gb ssd for the Os to speed things up

The RAM I picked is still clocked at 1600mhz.  I always recommend at least 1600mhz, unless budget is seriously an issue.  It's just priced less compared to the RAM you picked.

Changed to a better, cheaper HDD:


I wouldn't recommend a SSD for this build, as the budget is too low.