$500-550 gaming PC

I'm looking to build a $500-550 gaming PC that will be UPGRADEABLE in the sort of near future.

So please help me by posting a build. :)

Furthermore does what is a good beginner headset?

Thanks in advance.

You can't really make any system in that budget, that would be upgradeable in the future. What i would suggest you to do, is to wait, until you have the money to the upgrades, and then do the system :)

I'm assuming that you have most of peripherals covered.


The 7770 is a great budget card that will let you run most any game you throw at it and even up some settings depending on the game. It's not a huge investment so you won't lose much when you upgrade. The motherboard has two channels of ram, so you could always double up to 16gb if you think you might want that. The PSU leaves you with more than enough headroom for any upgrade short of something crazy like sli 780s. The 212 plus should let you overclock the 8230 to get a little more out of it. Even if you don't care about that, you could turn down the fan and it will likely be quieter than the stock heatsink and keep it cooler. There's also no reason you couldn't add an SSD down the road for an OS drive.


Upgradeable and pretty solid for ~$550. 

There are so many different headsets, it's hard to recommend one.  One that is well reviewed and very popular is the Steelseries Siberia V2, though I personally found that it hurt my ears after wearing it for anything longer than 30 minutes.

 A good beginner headset is a pair of Logitech G230's, I got them and I love them. They are in the $50-$70 range. Logan and crew made a review on them so check that out. They feel light and flexible, yet have good build quality and are definitely worth checking out. 

Link for headset (on sale at the time of post)-http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-G230-Stereo-Gaming-Headset/dp/B00BFOEY4I

Literally took m33b's build and changed the motherboard and GPU. I went with the G46 motherboard, because it has heatsinks in appropriate places than the G43 does not.

The 7870 is comparable to the 660ti, and probably a little more preferable than the 660ti too.


You won't overclock and 8 core much on that motherboard, but it'll still run stock speeds fine. I'd also get the Hyper212Evo rather than the hyper212plus, its not much price difference and its slightly better, you can upgrade it two 2 decent fans in future to make it a really good cooler. Finally I'd go a different PSU, for the same money you can get EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750B 80+ Bronze 750W, its more wattage, modular and widely regarded as more reliable than the Corsair CX series, although any other (non-CX) Corsair supply is fine.

But all in all good build, something like this will work well for OP, just keep in mind that motherboard.

I actually looked at the 7870, too.  In fact, I have that exact GPU that you linked, but it's out of stock. :(

There's always one GPU that is priced like a ninja. In England there is a single 7870 that costs £120, whereas all other 7870 are 140-150+

Yeah you're right. I didn't quite do my fair share of research on that motherboard. Looking back I can't seem to find a decent board in the sub $100 price range that I would recommend for overclocking. Maybe someone else can help on that point. If the OP doesn't care about being able to OC, then that board would likely do ok.

I saw the G230 headset, has anyone tried the G430?