£500/£450 Graphics/Mobo/Case Challenge

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/k3WjsY - this is what Im planning and as you can see its missing a few... parts (Motherboard & GPU, and for the observant - the case.)  Some people consider these important so I guess I gotta add them in... My budget was origanally £400 but thats gone out the window so, as long as you try to stay below £500 then were pretty good.  So my challenge to you is to come up with a build using the already listed parts and adding in a GPU, Case and Motherboard for a budget of £500.


For the graphics card, I would like to be ballin' in High settings, 1080p, +40 FPS gameplay (in games like BF4 & Skryim) but thats unlikely but as close to that would be good.  

*note* I would also be using this rig for 3D/2D design work and animation.  Also I would use it for video rendering and editing


For the Motherboard, I would like duel channel supported with max support above 16GB.  Also it needs to support a i5 4690k processor and also have a minimum of 1 PCIe x16 slot and also have eneugh Sata 6gb/s slots for an optical drive, 2 hard drives minimum (1SSD for future upgrades as well as a HDD currently) and a slot for an SD reader.  Inbuilt Wi-Fi would be nice but not necessary. 

*note* in built graphics are not needed


For the case, in needs to look damn good, have decent airflow, and ideally, include 1 or 2 fans.  Side windows are not necessary nut are welcome.


in addition, if you got even more spare time, would it be possible to also work out a build (in addition to the £500 build) to aim at the price of £450 (while stilll using a i5) or find some cheaper - but still reliable - parts for the build (such as a cheaper PSU or HDD) 



and may the best challenger win,


- why 1.65v RAM ?

this is £526, but I don't think getting cheaper parts will be satisfying.

Edit: yeah 270 is better, found nice cheap case






There you go, under 500

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/hmjsP6 (edit, I kicked out the expensive ddr3)

should do 40 or so fps in bf4 high-ultra with fxaa,

skyrim can be maxed out (except of course with ENB mods)

It would probably make more sense to add a little and get a r9 285 or so.