$50 to spend, What games should I get?

So the question is simple. But 2 games I really want are Chivalry and MOHW. Darn, making decisions on a budget is so hard...

Chivalry is a lot of fun. Just saying.

MoH Warfighter is terrible. Dont waste your money on it. I felt ripped off even when playing it for free. I would have to get paid in order to tolerate this piss-poor modern fps consisting of chest-high walls and brown filter.


Already have it.

Then what do you suggest?


boarderlands is $5 and boarderlands 2 is $30 right now. you can also buy a Boarderlands 4 pack for $15 and give some games to your friends for coop. You should def buy chivalry over MOHW tho. I have also heard good things about natural selection 2

I just bought Chivalry so I have $25 left over. The thing is I have absolutely ZERO friends to play games with. I've only had my PC for a few months and haven't really met anyone.

Natural Selection 2. 

Yeah, I don't really have any friends on Steam either. Feel free to add me.