50 bucks down the shitter

Tried to order battlefield 3 through origin however apparently I downloaded something else that wasn't the game, no refund. won't be buying anything else from origin thats for sure. Just figured I would share my misfortune and say that if you're gunna buy from origin, triple check to make sure what you're getting is actually what you want. granted I clicked agree without really looking but still kind of pissed.

If you admit to have been careless, why rant on the Interwebs about what could have been YOUR mistake rather than the mistake of those you're trying to purchase from?

Never brought BF3 through origin, always brought it physically, then got a Premium key from CJS.

EA. Getting rich 1 (insert inflamitory word here) customer at a time.

i'm just admitting that it's not totally their fault but I expect that this sort of thing happens often enough that they would understand and be willing to give me a refund.

edit: believe me when I say i'm not like throwing shit around my room raging, i'm just disappointed.

It's your fault for buying the wrong product off Origin.  I'm sick of EA getting blamed for everything.

so what exactly did you purchase? you could always make a claim through your bank.