50/25 and cant watch youtube + play games

I have a 50/25 fiber connection and can't play youtube videos at the same time as gaming. I used to be able to do this on a 25/12 connection with the same provider. Why is this happening and is there a way to fix this.

If you have Windows 10 there's a lot of background processes that data mine your pc which will hog a lot of bandwidth, maybe that's the case?

Background processes aren't THAT bad in Windows 10.

Have you verified you're getting the actual rated speeds @jezza1212?

So I have made some progress, I have switched wireless adapters and the problem persists I have ran a speed test as well and I'm getting 6/1 but on my laptop am getting 26/11 (not great but better). I have done this multiple times and the results were the same :/

I'm getting the ping issues when I'm using my 6mbp/s that im getting otherwise im fine. It's just a pain

I'm running windows 10 pro

For speed tests you really want to use something like https://speedof.me/

Second, you really shouldn't be gaming & streaming on wireless. Streaming uses a heavy amount of UDP packets which interferes with the order of things. That being said, if you're the only one mostly using the network this shouldn't be a problem since this wouldn't consume that much bandwidth; as you have the headroom. Only 32 Mbps is needed for 4k streaming (per person).

I believe the issue is due to you being on wireless; since there is a larger delay when packets are sent/recieved from your device to your network. What I would reccomend you do first is local network ping tests to see what type of latency you're getting.

in command prompt
ping -n 100 x.x.x.x
//where x's are the ip address of your default gateway

Then do a test outside your network to something like google
ping -n 100 google.com

Then compare results.

  • Make sure there is no packet loss on your local network (if there is make sure it does not exceed 10%).
  • Does packet loss occur once the packets leave your network
  • Are you on a 2.4 or 5 Ghz signal?
  • Are you in an area with dense wifi covverage that may be suceptable to saturation?
  • Are you obstructed from the primary access point? (wall in the way, long distance, etc)
  • if you have a great amount of latency on your LAN, is it greater than 60ms?
  • what is your signal strength?
    net sh wlan show interfaces

If for instance you have a high amount of packet loss but low latency on your LAN, and good signal strength then there is an issue with something causing interference or hardware may be failing/corrupted drivers.

There is more testing we can do but this should get you off to the right start.

Use Spybot Anti-Beacon and don't use Cortana to lessen the telemetries

Dude Win 10 telemetry doesn't saturate a 25mb upload, its kb of data at most.

What router do you have and how are you connected to it? Have you changed this setup? Did the fiber converter to ethernet change?