5 Games That Need A PC Port

Without a doubt, a PC is far more capable then a console, however you always deal with the dilemma of exclusives. I just thought I'd point out a few games that I miss from a few years back that deserve a port:

  1. Fable 2: This was the best Fable game ever, and for that matter one of my favorite games of all time. 3 didn't have a story that held up to it, and I REALLY enjoyed the story. It's unfortunate that a port is nowhere to be found.

  2. Red Dead Redemption: Arguably the best game that Rock Star has ever made. I miss roaming around the woods in the north hunting, and maintaining a high bounty. Not to mention the best story of any western focused game to date,

  3. The Killzone franchise: I loved 3 due to it being fast paced, and the multiplayer was like a way faster iteration of what's available in CoD (don't mean this in a bad way) so it was far more fun. I think it even allowed for 32 v. 32 battles which was great. Unfortunately I never played the story.

  4. Zelda TP: While I rather enjoy all of the games, I think TP was my favorite. It was insanely realistic when I was younger, the story was great, and it (along with Oblivion) even lead to me being able to fluently read (I was relatively young, and I could barely read which I find ironic a decade later).

  5. The Uncharted franchise: Imdomt have much to say other than the games are amazing, and I wish I could play them as I really enjoyed 2.

Obviously there are several other exclusives such as Super Mario Bros... and then I just realized Oddworld: Abe's Odysee is on Steam for $3...

You can play number 4 with Dolphin, since that port will never happen.


I'll try. Right now I'm playing through The Simpsons Hit and Run... Runs like hell on my laptop, but hopefully my X99 rig will be back up and running soon.

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Fable 2 - dont care and it wasent good ether.
Red Dead Redemption - YES i need that.
The Killzone franchise - no just no boring cod like crap there are planty of better shooters on pc allready.
Zelda - can allready play on pc with some fiddleing around.
The Uncharted franchise - meh maybe it just seemed like a poormans tomb raider.

Hm... May i introduce another 5 games i want to see on PC?
5. Bayonetta. 1 and 2... This lady can punish me all she like. Being a platinum game, it's a Spectacle fighter of the highest quality with the word "Spectacle" written with golden dust...
4. The wonderful 101... WiiU exclusive. Really nice looking game... Platinum again, but what the hell... It's an amazing game, and i would like to play it on PC...
3. The last of us... People still praise it as the second coming of ... forgive me, Lord... I'd like to see what the fuss is all about.
2. Since i don't care about the shooter genre as it currently is, but i miss the fun of playing shooters, SPLATOON... Yeah, i'm going with that... Everybody, that have played it said it's fun. Obviously. As Yahtzee said, Nintendo powderise fun and snort it off Kid Ikarusses buttocks...
1. PATAPON. PSP exclusive. I love it soooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch... Being my favorite game of all times help a lot... Oh snap, PC Master race, forgive me... I never had a chance to finish it, because my roommate stole my PSP and sold it to be able to buy wine... Not even joking...
Those are my top5...

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Things that need a PC port:

1) Munchkin
2) Republic of Rome
3) The X-Wing Miniature game

Who said that only console titles were fair game? :)


don't really use this nor play that kind of games alot, but TotalBiscuit have used it on Youtube to play some Star Trek or whatever tabletop games with this...
They are adding titles often as far as i know...

I only have 2 ideas in mind....

The metal gear solid series
And gran turismo (3 A-spec is in mind though)

Pokemon, with a connected phone app. It would print money for Nintendo.

Native Nintendo games in general would be amazing. Smash Bros. on Steam would be tits.

If Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts games got equal PC treatment would be great. Really don't want to buy a PS4 for my wife for only 2 games.

Other than that there isn't that much interesting going on with consoles. Japanese publishers have been porting more games lately so that is pretty nice.

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  1. Pokemon - all of them
  2. Bayonetta 1&2
  3. Armored Core series
  4. Vanquish
  5. Lost Odyssey

EDIT: How could I forget Dante's Inferno 10/10


I can agree with that.

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Halo 3. Just Halo 3. Nobody gives a shit about the others.


oh yes! @Grim_Reaper lost odyssey :D i loved that game, what about blue dragon?

  1. Forza 6
  2. Forza 6
  3. Forza 6
  4. Forza 6
  5. Forza 7 when that comes
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Psssh, obviously I'm waiting for SSX Tricky to come out on Steam.


Just about the only one I know of that peaks my interest is Halo. I played the ones that were on PC and I would like a chance to play the console only games.


Never played Blue Dragon.

I also want The Last of Us for PC but I don't think it won't be coming here soon, or ever.
And with the recent release of MGSV, I want to start the series from MGS1 but no PC port except for the last two metal gears.

I would get into PC gaming again if I could play Gran Turismo natively on PC(ePSXe/PCSX2 is fine, just a bit of a hassle). Having Spyro, Lolipop Chainsaw, MidnightCLub L.A., Mario/Zelda games, Little Big Planet, and MotorStorm would also be cool.

I agree but I also want Forza 4, Forza Horizon 1&2 and 3 when it comes out