5:4 laptops?

Yeah yeah make the jokes, go ahead, but I'm curious if EVERYTHING is letterbox now or if there are still some 5:4 laptops around. I don't really know how to google for that anyways :P

Someone on here knows of something, hopefully lol.

Panasonic gets close, they make the Toughbook in 4:3 still.


not sure. i have a 16:10.

Sorry - the last one I have that isn't 16:10 or wider is a Sharp PC-GP10 from 2002. Has a Mobile Athlon at 1200MHz.

sounds right up his alley. :)

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Oh shut up.

Anyways, nah 5:4 died publically in 2007. The last one had a core 2 and was frommmmmmmm........... Acer I think? Maybe Asus. But it was a business chasis. I was just wondering if something was around lol.

no much nowadays. surface book with its 3:2 is about as close to it for now.

3:2 basically is 5:4, just 2 companies use it which is annoying :I

here is a graph i made. 5:4 is a bit taller than it is wide.

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Lol taller screens are nicer anyways

good for reading

Sadly no valid product since years =/

I though hope that the 3:2 takes off now that the surface(book) uses it.. maybe more companies jump on it again; When I sent a request to IBM back than, the support replied that its getting more and more difficult, even for them, to source 5:4 panels as all panelmakers switched to 16:9 and stuff caus of HD (yeah.. its been a while since I had that request XD )

My last one was my dear poor W500 i had a t school - R.I.P.

I dunno 1600X1200 is pretty damn HD to me

I had the 1920x1200 (WUXGA) resolution, the W5xx series back than was the ONLY laptop they made that had a reasonable screen.. thus I had gotten the W and not the T series. It was the year of the W5XX with the foldout screen XD

What they I meant to recap, they said that 5:4 was no option as all panel mfg corps swapped to 16:9 or similiar

I have a W500 at home, that thing is a bloody nice computer considering how old it is.

I fell in love with it, until it fell =( I miss it, I still think it was the nicest Laptop I ever had.

Picked up mine in a desperation sale made by a guy who just wanted rid of all his corporate IBM/Lenovo laptops, so he sold me like, two dozen of them for $100.


mail me one omg

The vast majority of them are T400s and some are in bad shape. All of them are totally barebones, no RAM, no hard drives, no HDD sleds, no batteries and no chargers.

So they are basically worthless without another $500 in spare parts.

The T and R series had options for both 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 starting in 2007. My T61p was a 1920x1200 but met a cruel end due to the shitty G86 ASIC that repeatedly fried itself.