5.1 Audio Not Working

Hey everyone,

I just installed Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 64-Bit on my machine. On Windows I needed to install a hacked realtek audio driver in order to get Dolby digital live and get 5.1 audio through my spdif port. I followed this documentation to try and get the same thing on linux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DigitalAC-3Pulseaudio.

I am not getting surround sound out, and the profile is not even showing up in my sound settings. All the steps from the tutorial completed successfully after I fixed dependency issues with the compilation of the alsa-plugin. Does anyone know what went wrong?

Did you test it before doing all that to see if it was natively supported?

Yes I did, I believe it would be supported if I was using HDMI. I have an old receiver though with only spdif and rca connectors. The only option I am getting for my spdif out is IEC958 Stereo