4th gen. Intel Core I7 LGA2011

Hello am building computer powerful computer rig for important person 

he is not gamer but he wants best of the best

am thinking to go with


MB from ASUS

GPU  from EVGA



HDD from Western Digital

PSU from seasonic



but my question is should i go with LGA1150 socket because there are newer mother boards 

or should i go with 4th gen.  Intel Core I7 LGA2011 socket RAMPAGE IV FORMULA(will this even be compatible? with 4th gen I7?)

or should i recommend to wait until new Motherboards come out? 

There are no 4th gen i7s that will work with the 2011 boards. You will have to use an LGA 2011 i7 from Sandy-E or Ivy-E.

Brands are utterly pointless; it's the actual products that matter, the OEMs, not some label on a sticker.

A real budget would be nice, and an actual use for the rig.

what about i7-4930K or i7-4960X?

It depends if this "important person" needs the power of the extreme processors and the x79 chipset

Intel is still touting the Ivy Bridge-E processors as 4th generation.

Your friend wants "the best of the best" for what? If he's just going to be watching youtube or netflix any high-end processor is going to be a waste of money.


I know but that is what he wants(Best of the best)

when you have customer like that trust me you don't want to argue with them.

 they want to spent money and your there for to tell them what is best of the best

So no gaming, video editing, programming, 3d models. If he's not doing any of that and just browsing the web Id tell him its a waste of money and he's an idiot,

this what we have bought for now am doing single loop water cooling 
gpu gtx 780 is  Hydro Copper


to tell the true feeling little bit fear this will be the biggest  build for me, and first time costume water cooling
I hope i will not mess-up. but this will be good experience source for me

you are right but show some respect :)


 I bet you most of the man leaving in USA wants to have high end sports car, but does it really matter if you have corvette, viper, Porsche, Ferrari, bugatti veyron, or Nissan Maxima? practically there is no difference because maximum allowed speed is always under 100miles per hour and all of this cars can do that speed with no problem.

So just for clarity's sake he won't be using this for gaming, editing, 3d models, programming or anything that's computationally intensive. 

you are 99.9% correct 

I will live that 0.1% if the world will turn upside down and somehow this will effect him ;)

If he's not doing anything computationally intensive their is no point in this build at all, it's not a car something that you can stare at or show off its a PC which you buy for performance not to show off, oooh look at my cpu it has six cores come take a look.

well he is that kind of person who like to show off.

But it makes no sense to show off a of if you don't use it, most cpus look pretty much the same so how would that work. All I'm saying is it makes litterly no sense what's so ever to put a 650 dollar GPU when you don't game or don't use for any professional work, a gtx 780 for web browsing is the stupidest thing ever heard off.

Idea is stupid am not arguing about that, nor disagree with you

but that is what he wants, and who are we to say you can't do that because it makes no sense.

I did try to explain to him.

and it is not $650 it is $820 for water cooled gtx780 ;)

Shut up. He asked you for help with a build for a customer that clearly wants something specific, his reasoning doesn't matter. If you aren't going to help, don't, but quit arguing a futile point.

OP, Here's a build for you: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1PrYt


Come on people, if he wants to spend his money on this let him be. Laissez-faire

It's not any different from those rich assholes who spend $1000 on "premium" ice-cubes and "exclusive" t-shirts.
Mghvgeo, just get an ivy bridge-E like you intended, put shitloads of RAM in it. Two 512 GB SSDs, TItan SLI and a host of other overkill hardware.