4K? Worth it?

HI.  I am very curious about 4K monitors.  Are they worth $3,500 for gaming?  (I have a AMD 7990)

A 7990 probably can't handle 4k; it is 4x 1080p, so dual 7970s just won't cut it.

Worth it? To me, yes, to you, maybe. Depends on what you value.

Ok so if I want a really good frame rate I would invest in another 7990.

Its not 4 times 1080p, it's twice 1080p.

1440p is approximately 1.8x 1080p. 4k has a much higher volume of pixels.

The reason it is called 4k is because 4x 1080 is roughly 4000. 4320, to be exact.

1080p = 1920x1080 = 2073600pixels = 2.07megapixels

4K = 3840x2160 = 8294400pixels       = 8.29megapixels

8294400 / 2073600 = 4

EDIT: darn my slow typing. brennan beat me to it with a suprisingly similar format.

1920 * 1080 = 2073600

3840 * 2160 = 8294400

8294400 / 2073600 = 3.99479843953

Close enough to 4.

Well a 7990 would play games at 4k, but not high or ultra settings, and definitely not a 60 FPS.

What's that, I beat you to it? ;)


Yes and no. Gpu scaling has gotten significantly better over the years. 1gpu gives you 100% performance. 2gpus usually give you 190% performance. 3gpus give you 250% performance and 4 usually doesn't do anything. This of course is highly dependant on the GPUs themselves and what you are doing with them.

Amd has frame-time issues also known as 'micro-stuttering' To my knowledge this recent driver update to fix this only fixed it for single monitor configs and dual gpus nothing past 2.

I would not recomend a second 7990 at this point because the benefit is just not there.

Ok I think I am going to stick with my 144Hz Asus monitor.

for the lols here's 1440p

1440p = 2560x1440 = 3686400

3686400 (1440p) / 2073600 (1080p)= 1.77...     rounded up it's 1.8x the pixels

owner of a 1440p monitor here

good choice. in 1-2 years 4k will become somewhat relivant because graphics power will be able to accomidate the heavy demand of 4k resolution. 

i choose to relinquish any thought of getting myself 4k in the comming years due to nyself being a poor townsfolk. as for tou deep pocket high rollers..well enjoy the glory =)

I'm in no way a high roller but i bought my X-star based on the fact that GPU power is getting better and it's future proof (to a point)

I don't believe it would be worth it for a sub 27" monitor. The way I look at things, from a typical viewing distance:

<14" = 720ish

14"-17" = close to 1080p

17-27" = 1080p

27"-40" = 1440p

>40" = 4k