4k vs 1440p

Guys I need some serious guidance here. I've got my X99/ 980 ti hybrid build sitting pretty. My problem is, I am playing on a Dell 23 in 1080p monitor. I am a muscle spasm away from clicking buy on something new but I can't decide if 4k is the way to go on a 27in. And I really don't want to pay for a 1440p unless it's is 144hz. Problem is those are more expensive than 4k monitors... Neck beards assemble!!!!

1440p 144hz. If you can afford it, its a lot better.


1440 @ 90hz+ is the way to go for games currently.
you can always use dsr/vsr and scale to 4k.

I've been looking for a new monitor and it really depends on what you need it for.

1440p 144hz monitors are cheaper than 4k monitors (im not sure what your looking at?), but not by much.

The reason id say dont go for 4k is it lacks. Its beautiful, massive screen (you want 30"~ minimum), great resolution, but your limited at 60Hz, you need something capable of driving 4k, and your brain needs to be ready to make use of a giant 30"+ display.

1440p at 27" seems to be a sweet spot. Better yet there are some (but not many) 144Hz IPS screens.

I ended up not going for 144Hz (hopefully a good decision for me) screen mainly because im on Linux, I had two options, freesync 144Hz or gsync 144Hz. I have an AMD card and Linux doesnt do freesync yet :/ And im not sure if it will. So I couldn't justify spending the extra £150+ on a monitor I wouldn't be able to drive more than 60fps on anyway. I also couldn't justify spending the £600 odd on a decent 30"+ 4k screen that would drive worse than 1440p on my current card. As amazing as they are to use.

So I ended up going with a decently priced, good model 27" 1440p screen with high colour accuracy (something I also wanted), with the thought up upgrading a few years down the line when 4k IPS screen have synced up with technology.

There are good, cheaper 1440p 27" 144Hz NT screens out there, but if you can i highly recommend getting one of the newer IPS versions, there colour accuracy and viewing range is far superior.

The general consensus is go with 144Hz, do it. Your on windows, you can take advantage of freesync or gsync, your playing games mainly. If you only play games, and dont do any other type of work on your computer, and dont normally watch movies on your monitor, then you could consider the cheaper TN panels, they have all the same features and are just as well built. But i would recommend IPS if you do anything where colour is remotely important.

What I was referring too is 27in 4k monitors. They are cheaper than 27in 1440p 144hz. Do they make a 144p 144 ips under 600? I was up all night looking for one and couldn't find any.

I wouldn't even bother with 4k on anything under 30", so regardless of price. All you'd end up with is a monitor you cant read off with no extra features.

34 inch 3440x1440p.
For gaming, it doesn't really get any better than that.

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I would own a high refresh rate 1440p IPS panel right now if I could afford it.

Depends on your preference of course, I'd go personally for a 4K monitor, because as we all know, it's very easy to get used to any new display very quickly, even if it amazes you at first, so I would go for one that amazes you for years to come.. high frequency is nice, but at some point (maybe in 4 years or so), you'll be dying for a picture like 4K, without being able to discern those pixels more than the display frequency of like 60 or 90.. 27 inch, at 163ppi, and 60 or 90 Hz vs 27 inch, at 108ppi, but at 144hz AND more expensive... still.. your call man

You guys are making a lot of good points here. Problem 1, My build was intended to be a future proof build. So you could see why I really want 4k. Problem 2 is 90% of my time is spent streaming Counter Strike, I would really benefit from a higher refresh. And 3rd I don't really have room for anything bigger than a 27in with the other two 24in mo I tors being on my desk as well. And I completely agree with you cap. That's why I am having a hard time figuring out what I want. I honestly haven't seenoticed a 4k 27in or anything around there in person. Might help this decision lol.

Buying 4k now wont be future proof. 27" is to small, max refresh rate is 60Hz, no freesync, no gsync. It will be old tech and out of date as soon as the next gen of 4k screens and display port comes out.

1440p 144Hz, freesync/gsync, is future proof. for the next few years at least

Have you looked at the BenQ XL2730Z 144Hz 1ms 27". It wont break the bank, it looks great and it supports FreeSync? I have the BenQ XL2720Z 144Hz 1ms 27" 1080 version and I wish I had the 1440 version but that will have to wait until my next upgrade.