4k video playback Chrome vs Firefox vs VLC

Im not sure whats going on here but only vlc plays smooth and eats up almost nothing in recources
chrome almost plays smoothly but eats up all my cpu and gpu
and firefox doesnt eat up as much but stutters very hard
hardware accleration is turned on in chrome and firefox i have checked
Only one video player is playing in each screenshot and i have manager showing usage in bottom right corner in each screenshot

Big Buck Bunny 4k playing over chrome

Big Buck Bunny 4k playing over firefox

Big Buck Bunny 4k playing in VLC

im running an HP One800 elite AIO
Core i5-4590S CPU @ 3.00GHz
GPU Intel HD 4600


Could you please do the following:
Post the output of
chrome://gpu in chrome
about:support in firefox
And also, enable the “stats for nerds” in youtube and post the output here.

What’s most likely happening is that VLC is using hardware acceleration and using a codec supported by your hardware (h264) and chrome and firefox arent. You can check this out by installing this extension on firefox and chrome; GitHub - alextrv/enhanced-h264ify: A Firefox/Chrome extension that blocks video codecs you have chosen on YouTube and only enable h264.

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Looks like its just my wifi i tried playing back the local version that i was playing in vlc in chrome and firefox and got way different results i just dont completely understand why it maxes out gpu and cpu when its waiting on data from the internet for playback of the video results seem pretty consistant when all three playbacks are from my hdd




Again, give us the stats for nerds info. It could very well be the downloaded version and the streamed version are using different codecs and containers.


Yep, VP9. That isn’t hardware accelerated. Now, install the extension I mentioned, enable h264 only and try playing the video again.

And post the resource usage and stats for nerds again. Should be way better.

Hey thanks a TON man that does wonders ill post up the stats for nerds here in a few mins Doesnt play at 4k though and now doesnt show the 4k options

We need you to also post the VLC stats. It could very well be that the video is only available at 4K using vp9 and vorbis and VLC fallbacks to 1080p as well to do hardware decoding.

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