4K Video editing PC build

Hello forum, my budget is 2500 EUR.

I want to build 4k Video editing PC
Useing Premier Pro and After Effects CC2015

I have picked all parts.

But I am wondering about videocard,

980Ti of just 980.

Will I feel any difrence by using 980Ti vs 980.

But here are the partlist: http://bit.ly/1in3evc

Procesors Intel Core i7-5820K, Hexa Core, 3.30GHz, 15MB, LGA2011-V3, 22nm, 140W, TRAY € 375,00
KINGSTON HX428C14PBK4/32 Kingston HyperX Predator (T2) 4x8GB € 282,66 - Or maybe use slower RAM 2133MHz
SSD Patriot Ignite 2.5'' 960GB SATA3 € 356,20 - working Dir anc Cash
Patriot SSD Ignite 240GB SATA III € 85,49 - System and applications
ASUS X99-A USB 3.1 € 246,49
WD AV-GP, 3.5'', 4TB, SATA/600, 64MB CACHE € 158,60
Carbide Series 330R Titanium € 83,15 - Want silent case + lot of space wher to put more HDD drives.
Corsair power supply RM 1000W € 168,99 - in PSU I just trust Corsair
GAINWARD GEFORCE GTX 980 TI PHOENIX € 673,40 Wondering about this - maybe for video editing I do not need so expensive video card?
ASUS VN248QA Asus WLED VN248QA 23.8 € 172,06 Maybe there is somthing better at the same price or lower or higher.

Total: € 2 716,44

Please let me know what you think :)

P.S. This PC will not be used for gaming, Just video EDITING :)

  1. About the ram. Faster is better for this kind of stuff as far as I know.
  2. I would go with a different case, but I guess that is just me and my Corsair hate...
  3. RM series is made by Seasonic, so in that case, you trust Seasonic.
  4. I would get some hate for this, but... Have you considered 295Х2? It has a lot more raw calculating power. It is a bit more expensive however, and it's quite large... However, now that Adobe has decided to use not only CUDA, 295Х2 will kind of wipe out the floor with 980/Ti in calculations... As far as I know, the 900 series GPUs has been slightly gimped when it comes to CUDA core count, so research your 700 series options.
  5. You are building 2700€ editing beast, and you are using 24" 170€ screen for it?
    Get larger and better screen... And may be more of them... You may need it...

Look into weather it uses open CL or Cuda better, from some browsing adobe has been supporting open CL a lot more recently.

Although if you're also gaming then you may want to go fury for the long road, since it seems AMD will have the upper hand with DX12

Otherwise for basic acceleration any mid range card will do fine

AMD is more for Open CL, and Nvidia is cuda

Can you suggest any videocard model!

Change the Power Supply to an EVGA 750w G2, some poor sod on here gotten their power supply by a Corsair RM Series and on the internet are well known for exploding due to the cheapness that Corsair went into making these. And the video card that I would go with the GTX 980TI is the Gaming G1 series from Gigabyte.

hang on I just read the no gaming part

Looking into Firepro for premier atm, it looks promising, half of that page is just marketing though


W7000 around 700 dollars

On the german part picker, dunno if you can use that

I can't however say for sure if a workstation card is really worth it, it kinda seems like it from my quick search results in google.

But can you suggest best card from 700 series?

Nope... For your purposes I don't think you'll find a better thing than the fire pro. It's way better for rendering and editing and stuff than the consumer grade GPUs...

reviews and stuff are rather hard to find on it, maybe I'm just not searching right

But ya, there's marketing to be done there, but there's gotta be a reason for the cards existence right? aside from 3d rendering and the like.

W7000 seems the most reasonable card to get.

Sapphire FirePro W7000 4GB GDDR5 price also is okay 653.99 €

But what is better in W7100 vs W7000

Sapphire FirePro W7100, 8GB GDDR5 (256 Bit), 4xDP, 3D Connector, 734.00 €

Is W7100 worth it?

I'd imagine the W7100, but what's the difference in price? Apparently it has double the VRAM of the previous generation, so that might be a thing to go for if it's not much more

Apparently it's also better suited for multiple 4k displays, newer architecture


Build in the OP looks good to me.
Highspeed ram does not matter much.

It doesn't matter for Adobe Premier specifically, or it doesn't matter for editing in general?

highspeed RAM doesn't really affect much of anything

Now I am really confused ;( why then others overclock it, if it do not affect much?

Can I save money on RAM and buy 2133MHz 32Gb RAM instead of 2800MHz?

It only matters for some very specific tasks, so ya, just grab whatever is cheapest

**Ok, then I think, the last thing,
Regarding video card just for video editing. Premier Pro CC2015, After Effects CC2015**

ASUS Radeon R9 Fury X - 749,02 EUR

Giga Byte GeForce GTX 980 Ti, 6GB, GDDR5, WindForce 3X OC - 728,88 EUR

Sapphire FirePro W7100, 8GB GDDR5 (256 Bit), 4xDP, 3D Connector - 730,00 EUR

Remember there will not be any gaming on this PC, just plain video editing, rendering PC.

You said this is not for any gaming at all, obvious choice is to get Firepro W7100.
get like 1600MHz RAM, or cheapest you can find, I find G.Skill never fail for me. get at least 32GB RAM. I recommend separate scratch / cache SSD, separate OS SSD. Rest of PC looks good.

Basicly yes ☺
2133mhz or 2400mhz is totaly fine.

This is X99 2011v3 we are talking about. It's DDR4, not DDR3, so 2133 is like the slowest cheapest option. And since there will be no difference, there is no need for faster.