4K TV for streaming

Hello !

So I've been searching for a cheap 4k TV that could stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. I would like to keep the price pretty low between 500 - 800 (USD). I have found this TV (550 USD) but my friend recomened this (799 USD)

so does anyone have any suggestions on which I should go with ?
other suggestions are welcomed.
I would also like to hear from current or recent owns of either of these TV

Apart of hating samsung TVs for their laggy UI and horrible remotes, I would not recommend a 'smart' TV at all. Build a cheap HTPC with a reasonable APU, that can downscale 4K to good 1080p and get a high quality 1080p panel. That way you won't have to rely on the TV manufacturer to support you with software updates or support for new streaming services.

I also agree that you should not buy a tv base on the smart tv functionality because at one point you tv is not going to get more updates (sometimes much more sooner that you expect).

I would prefer to buy from a more popular brand so that way there is more information available, but have a look at the image and sound quality of tvs and the input connector that you really need and see what tv fit you budget.

If think you are going to game on the tv buy a tv with a low input lag. You can consult here:

I'm aware of the smart TV UI thing. I had planned to just hook it up to my home server and use that instead since its faster and better looking or just hooking up a roku/chromcast.

Gaming would not be anything intensive. It would probably just be a casual game just to pass time.

I personally am more interested in whats the best 4k TV I could get for the money. If the TV is a smart TV or not doesn't really matter.