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4k Monitor purchase


Where is the main retailer for them? This guy is a third party so now i’m even more wary.

@wendell, sorry to bother, do you have a link to buy a wasabi mango. I want to pull the trigger, asap. affiliate link prefered. Ship to Canada.


see if dream seller is selling any? Ordered about 200-300 monitors over the last 5 years through them and greensum I’d say +/-



None of them are selling 4k WMs. Based on your purchasing experience, do you feel that the retailer I linked is sufficiently verified, or would you just wait for the next batch to come through dreamseller or greensum?

Thank you for your time. greatly appreciated.


Wait for the next batch. Those sellers will generally do a pretty good job if something goes wrong.


OK, Will do. Do you have any idea when that might be? Or is that anyones guess?

WTF News;


Man thats an entire different topic for an entire different thread…


my thread


I know man, but threads are per topic not per person. This means somebody new can find this since it’ll be correctly labeled, and people whom where not interested in 4k monitors whom chose not to follow get a chance to jump in again.


I stumbled upon this one:

I just don’t know if it’s any good. Didn’t find any reviews yet. But more options is always good right?

EDIT: This is actually a TV. It has a TV tuner. I thought it had TV like features remote and all that shit.


I can vouch for Dreamseller service, although it s been 2 years…I am still running 1 amh 309, 2 amh 409 and a crossover 404. 1 amh 409 and the crossover 404 are used daily for 8 to 12 hours ever since being purchased.
I cannot speak for now but I do beleive they should still be quite decent. (imo)


That’s missing the point. 5k at 28" is exactly double the standard HD resolution for a 28" monitor (2560x1440). So it’s the same as a normal 28" monitor, only everything is clearer. Not all of us want more information, we just want what we have to be easier to view.

And for games you can just drop to 2560x1440, get perfect 2x scaling and it looks great.


I broke down and got the LG 43UD79-B, I like it so far. Has freesync despite some youtube reviews saying otherwise. Maybe not for gamers because 60hz limit. Serves my use case, serves as basically four smaller 1080 screens without bezels. I then put a 23" Asus in portrait over to the side- wall of screen… I want to be like Wendell when I grow up.


Ya i better buy fast before Trump Fucks NAFTA and everything in Canada gets expensive. But maybe trudeau will cut a deal with China and the US don’t matter anymore.


Amen. I live 45 minutes away from the Border in Washington State. Love my trips to BC but man you guys get screwed on the other side when it comes to manufactured goods.


hahaha, and the tax rate gets us on the other end


Great choice welcome to the club


I just got a 71"x35" administration desk and want a 40" 4k monitor/non-smart uhd tv, What is the best $600CAD bang for buck? Anyone on top of this stuff?


You could get the same LG one as me:


Check the date before posting, guys…