4K monitor for video editing system

Hi. I'm putting together a system for 4K video editing exclusively. I've decided on everything except the monitor. Here is the build. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FqfR3C Ignore the 24" Dell and multiple hard drives. I already have the GTX 960 so that's a given. The other monitors are the size (27"-28") and price range ($400-$600) I'd settled on. Am seeking help on choosing between them and really just want a single monitor. I have another Win7 system for everything else besides video editing.

Although looking to narrow, not widen, my choices, I stumbled across the TS youtube review of the AMH A399U and was somewhat infected by Wendell's enthusiasm for the product. It does fall within my price range and the scaling of the standard Windows desktop sounds good. Was reading some of the forum posts here relating to it which sound pretty good but not really sure about the glassed vs deglassed debate and whatever PWM is and if I have to worry about dead pixels and dark/bright spots with it.

So, don't really think I get flicker headaches - been staring at screens for 35 years now without that being a problem - but trying to decide on which monitor to choose when I can't get to see any of them is definitely giving me a headache. Can someone offer some solid advice on going with, or avoiding, any of the monitors under consideration? Thanks. Oh, and I live in NC, USA.

Why have you bought a 960 for 4k editing? Sorry to say, but the VRAM will be gone almost instantly if you have multi track 4k to edit. 4gb would be an absolute minimum for me personally. Having said all that, the CPU and disk setup are the most important things performance wise.

What sort of editing are you going to be doing and what applications will you be using?

As for the monitor, depends on how serious the editing is and how much it ranks above anything else you might do on the machine. 28" is fine for 4k editing, however, you may have scaling issues which affect your enjoyment when using the PC for other things. If that's the case, probably best going for one of those 40" panels. I wouldn't get a glassed monitor for a machine that will be used primarily for editing.. you need to see the colours without glare imo. Bright spots are a common issue with IPS monitors in general. The pros out weigh the cons though when it comes to IPS and editing.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 for editing. 4K from UAV cameras and GoPro, not big Canons or Nikons. As stated, this machine has no other purpose than video/photo editing. Will be single track editing except on rare occasions when I use two. I'm using an Acer H236HLbld for current 1080p editing on my other system, which is a general purpose system, and it's been okay for that. The IPS screen is reflective when black but not noticeable when in use. Videos are/will be used internally in businesses. If business demands require upgraded/new capabilities then I'll do that at the appropriate time. So, any specific suggestions from among the crop of monitors I originally mentioned, or some better replacement within my price range for the task at hand?


Wendell, Logan, and I all use the AMH A399U.
We removed the glass from ours, and I even went as far as modding the power cable and put a socket in the back.
Also, you can now get one without the glass from their store on Ebay.

Think I'm going to get the Monoprice CrystalPro 4K 28" and use it in a dual monitor setup with a lower resolution display I already have. I'll use the 4K for viewing/editing video/photos and make the other one the primary desktop so I won't have to use scaling. A 28" preview screen with give me a larger display than using a 40" monitor could.