4K Monitor Down scaling Need some help for gaming [Solved] TY CyklonDX

I hope some one has a quick answer.
so I just got a 4k screen I am running it on two GTX 980's in sli.

How do i run some games at 2k without black boarders?

so I want to scale up the 2k game to full screen how would i go about doing that?

I have looked everywhere online and there is little to nothing. only up scaling via DSR not down-scaling.

Hi ! which Korean monitor ?


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hey guys so I am using an AOC U2868PQU 28" 4K 1ms 60Hz
Thank you for the quick replies now I attempted the Fullscreen scale option and for desktop or in windows it works but in games it does not. every game becomes a tiny cube center screen.
again that is with the nvidia scale option turned on.

I know wide screen users are forced to use an application to force the resolution in some games is there something like that for 4k users.
Am I doing something wrong?

ahhhhhhh lol i got it haha damn see the unchecked box in CyklonDX's image Override res set by games that is what fixed it. lol thank you so much guys lol clear over-site on my part. you all helped a lot thank you.

Thank you so very Much @CyklonDX