4K Linux workflow

Hi guys, as of last week, I became a proud owner of 15.6" 4K Lenovo laptop. Seeing as 4K is getting down to reasonable price point and as no DE is truly 4K ready, I would like us, the members of the 4K masterrace, to share tips and tricks how to increase the greatness of our ultra sharp experience :)

First of all, I must say how impressed I am with Unity scaling to accommodate 4K resolution on a size generally screwed by sub-HD resolutions. All GTK3 apps work out of the box, Chromium, LibreOffice, Bluefish, Telegram and Android Studio look awesome. Some programs, such as Netbeans and QT Creator require some work, but are usable. Steam, on the other hand is tiny and barely passable.

What is your experience with 4K on Linux?

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Way too small for 4k man

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Past a certain point, increasing the ppi doesn't help anything. It just makes it harder to drive. Glad you are happy with it though.

I thought so too, but after using my brother's Retina Macbook Pro for a while, I fell in love with hidpi displays. The crispy clear image and nice IPS colors make up for the required increase of gpu power. Also, with cheap 1080p smartphone in my pocket, having anything less than that on a laptop seems silly. It boosts my productivity too - having to write long papers at my uni, being able to fit two A4 pages in LibreOffice side by side is incredibly useful.

Next thing I'm gonna test is using several 1080p displays in addition to my 4k laptop display.

Well one tip for you would be to use gnome 3 and a icon set like wildfire.

Gnome has decent hidpi scaling and with a icon set like wild fire, the native icon image size is rather large, so all you would need to do is use something like dash to dock and then make the dock massive, and then everything should look pretty much natural.

Unity and default icons in Ubuntu 15.04 work just fine. Also, it allows you to set different menu and title bars scaling across multiple displays.