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4K Linux - Footage - Gameplay & Benchmarks (Feel free to make&add request/s)

Hi everyone on the L1T forum!

Recently i’ve updated channel content on you-tube.

I’ll be uploading Ultra Settings 4K content only of any title- Including footage, gameplay & benchmarks.

That’s why if you or someone you know, would like to request anything of any title (Any game, Any platform) feel free to put in a request in this thread! I’ll look into making it work on linux, whether or not it’s officially supported.

As of writing, the channel has 3, (hardware recorded) 4K Linux, Ultra Settings videos. With 15 more upcoming videos (1 or 2 releases per day)

The specs on the 4K Linux PC are as follows:

RX 6900 XT
500 GB SSD
Paired with a 4K Display
Hardware 4K monitor / recorder

Running on Pop_OS 21.04 powered by the open source AMD driver.
Benchmarking tools: Steam & Mangohud.

Released videos so far: Warhammer II, Talos Principle, Ashes Of The Singularity.

Upcoming releases: Rage, Skyrim, Bioshock, Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord, Parkitect, Dirt 5, Dark Souls II, Black Mesa, Grim Dawn, Shadow Of Mordor, Gothic (Playable teaser) Batman Arkham Knight Benchmark, Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Thread will be updated when and if needed, likely as more videos are released or at a later date. Please be patient and thanks for watching / engaging with the thread & the videos.

Feel free to use, share, copy & paste any of the videos. Just please, for darn sakes remember to credit the original uploader! Not only in case of this thread, but any video u copy, trim or modify.

Also the thread / videos are NOT meant as personal advertisement of any sort. It’s just a personal preference to use L1T forums, instead of other platforms. Hoping Wendell won’t mind to much. It’s for LIIIIIIIIIINUXX after all :laughing:

The channel name on youtube is Linuks. Link here:


Detroit: Become Human would be an interesting bench for your 9600K as this game is SUPER CPU heavy. Use the “Pigeon house” scene with tons of AI Pigeons as your benchmark pass.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider using the same benchmark area as Hardware Unboxed is also a good CPU test. Most GPU overclocking tests they do show you how they do their benchmark pass.

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So… A little update. Made some more content for the channel.

Latest video, contains Rocket League, same settings. Same resolutions. Everything maxed and it get’s about 50fps more than a rtx 3090 running same res and settings. Except the RX 6900XT is running on open source drivers.