4k htpc idea

A friend and I were recently being asked about the idea of building a ITX home theater PC that is capable to playing 4K Blu Ray. We all know how to build a 4K gaming capable build but here's challenge, the PC won't be used for gaming and we want it not to be overkill. Any ideas on how?

To be honest you could use anything you want, as long as the cpu an handle it, the 60hx thing wont be an issue coz tvs can only display 30hz at 4k.

So i can actually use the intel graphics for this to run seamlessly? 


Gigabyte H97N-WIFI


128GB Crucial MX100

450W Silverstone SFX (not decided)

Case not decided as well

I believe so yeah, you didn't use to be able to but I think you can with haswell.

Even if most TVs not don't currently support 4k at 60 hz, it won't be long before they do. Get a cheap dedicated GPU. Something like an r7 240. 

I wouldn't say seamlessly that's a bit much Have you ever tried setting the Resolution on a Youtube Video to 4K (If the Video has the Option?) Your CPU Usage Skyrockets to Bloody Hell and it Eats Up Bandwidth. You need at least a moderately good CPU and a FAST internet Connection.

Never try it before, guess I'll have to experiment on my rig of fx 8350 and gtx 780 and a i5 pc without a dedicated graphics card to ses how it goes.

EDIT: i3 will be added to the list

I got an i5 and when i play 4K videos on You Tube the CPU load never goes above 47% so i think a i3 will be fine.

your i5 loads up around 47% All i3's are Dual Core so it's definitely going to take a hit.

Isn't the i3 a HTT CPU? If so it got 4 threads,it may be not as fast as a i5 but i think it can handle 4K Videos. :)

Just tested with an i5-2450M on my laptop. 4K runs at about 90% CPU usage. I figure that i3 will probably be running at 60%-ish if you're just watching 4K videos.

EDIT: It's 2.5/3.1 GHz and hyperthreaded, so it's a little slower than the i3.

The reason that playing 4k YouTube videos uses so much CPU. Is because YouTube frequently uses the the vp9 codec for encoding these videos. Hardware acceleration of vp9 video is currently not supported by Windows. Windows uses DXVA for hardware acceleration and only supports MPEG developed codecs and only up to 1080p. However this could change with Windows 10 and DirectX 12.