4k Gaming Computer Help

I need some help building a gaming pc specifically designed for 4k surround. 


I need some help picking out components, however for the gpu I would really like to use GTX 980's.


I'm not sure if you'd be better off with four 980s or two 295x2's... Either way, you're going to need 4-way SLI/Cfx to have any hope of pushing 4k displays in surround.

Thank you for the base build! That is what I really needed.

I do however already have 1 tb of ssd storage in raid 0 on my current pc and 4tb of hdd and 4tb of sshd so I will just add that into the new rig from my old one.



Now I just have some last questions since I am not 100% great with hardware.

1. Someone on the linustechtips forums told me that I will need a good cpu with a lot of lane to handle the PCIe slots or else instead of running on x16 they will be running at x8 or x4. Does this cpu have enough lanes to carry x16 or at least x8 to all the PCIe slots so I will be able to get the best preformance?

2. I have a thermaltake 3.0 AIO water cooler for my current rig. Will I be able to transfer it over to LGA2011 socket that you have posted?

3. Last question is: Is it possible to set up a custom loop as big as in this video and include all the 980's?



Thank you for helping me out with this. Your the first person to not take this as a joke.

1. Yes, it can do x8/x8/x8/x8. Normally I'd recommend the 5820k for X99 since it's cheaper with similar performance, but it only has 28 pcie lanes compared to the 5930k's 40.

2. I assume this is your cooler? http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002063 If so, I would expect you to be able to as it does support LGA 2011. X99 is LGA 2011-3 but I'm pretty sure it will be compatible.

3. I think you could. It would likely be very expensive though.

It's generally very difficult to find benchmarks with these types of setups.

If you don't have the monitors yet, have you considered going for the 4x 980s and three ROG Swifts? It would be 3x 1440p instead of 4k, but you'd be able to drive higher detailed settings as well as have G-sync and 144hz.

Technical question: Will you have a screen large enough where you could reasonably tell the difference between 4k and a lower resolution like 2k, 1440p or something?

1. Awesome! Thank you.

3. Don't worry about the expenses, This is a goal I will definitely be saving up for.

Would this be a good waterblock for my system? http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g30/c311/s2312/list/p1/Liquid_Cooling-Water_Blocks_VGA_-_Card_-_nVidia-GTX_980_Water_Blocks_-Page1.html

Also would I need to increase my PSU if I added a custom loop?


I do have the monitors, they are Dell up2414q.


23" displays. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. I had a 2k display before and I notice the difference between both 4k and 2k.


thanks. yeah, that's what i was asking.

What is the point of 4K gaming ?

I know I have super customised Skyrim with 2K textures and it smokes. What else is out there that looks awesome on 4k from factory.

Consoles have crippled game textures to total shit for a decades. Id be happy with games with 1080p textures.

Im not talking about repetitive small sandbox PvP FPS trash that ADD kids play till there nails bleed.



I would like to point something out.

There is no video card set up currently which can max out games at a steady 60fps at 4k surround. It doesn't exist. You need to understand that. You will need to turn down the settings and settle for less than 60 fps. Having said that, I think you should look into getting video cards and monitors which support display port 1.3. They aren't yet available as far as I know, and only AMD gpus will support it, but it will probably make a huge difference. The monitors should be coming out next year, and AMD has an announcement thing tomorrow, probably about new video cards. Anyway, just look into it. Adaptive sync is a pretty important tick box at resolutions that high.

Just noticed the mobo posted only has 3 way sli, can i use 4 way?


Should I go with the Gigabyte GA-X99-UD3 instead since it says it has 4 way sli?

Hello. I really enjoy the premise of this build you undergoing, but have you everthought about purchasing a nintendo wii instead? you can overclock that.

Don't you think this is a little overkill? This is a waste of money? You're a moron?

honestly, i mean a nitendo woo is a very good deal

This is overkill?

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