4K Gaming Benchmarks


I can't understand it, but I can make out what the graphs mean. (They're pretty universal anyways.)

So, hope this helps. I think it shows that maximum settings won't work for all games at 4K, and maybe the importance of Anti-Aliasing will decrease. But also, with the upcoming HD 9000-series GPUs in October (according to rumors from Videocardz.com, WCCFTech and X-Bits Labs), this might be a huge deal.

Think of the difference between GTX 580 and HD 7970 at launch. That's going to be similar, since it's both a die-shrink and new architecture. (GTX 580 was 40nm and HD 7970 was 28nm - architecture was of GTX 580 was Fermi, while GTX 600-series is Kepler).

We might have to wait until Q1 2014 until we see Maxwell GeForce cards coming out, in the GTX 800-series, so anybody with brand new GTX 700-series GPUs might be slightly disappointed in a few months.

For those curious about the articles I mentioned prior [note: these are rumors and speculation, albeit with some limited credibility and photographic evidence backing them up], check them out below:




So... just worth noting, since these are unreleased products, release dates might be pushed back due to manufacturing problems (how many times have we seen this before?), there might be supply shortages (remember 28nm at first?), there might be hardware issues (remember the failing SATA connectors in Intel motherboards?), there might be drivers that might damage the GPUs (nVidia, I'm looking at you)... and these are all rumors, nothing more at this point.

However, it's worth noting that sites which are unreliable don't last long, if they report grossly mistaken rumors very often. Videocardz.com has been right more often than not, though, which leads a certain limited credibility to them. They were right about many of the previous cards, in regards to specs, cooler designs, costs and more.

Anyways, hope this is interesting for ya guys. Seeya.

I want triple 4k monitors :(

Not sure that quad sli Titans would be able to push games at that resolution XD

Even minecraft at 11.520x2160 would be amazing!

If 2-Way GTX TITANs get around 60fps minimum, than QuadSLI might get around 90, maybe more, on a single 4K monitor. Triple 4K monitor setup might reduce that to 30fps.

But you have to remember the extra lag, and the fact that the 4K ASUS monitor is 8ms (GTG). So even at higher FPS, it's be slow.

Than, you'd also have to consider the fact that the 4K ASUS monitor requires HDMI or DisplayPort. No VGA (D-Sub) or DVI ports whatsoever. Meaning you'd have to have 3x HDMI or 3x DisplayPort to get that working.

Also, consider this; you can only go to 24 Hz using HDMI. DisplayPort offers a maximum of 60 Hz. And that's if you're using cables certified for that version of DisplayPort, and so forth, and if your GPU supports those resolutions, etc.

So, although one could run 24Hz on 3x HDMI using QuadSLI GTX TITAN setup, you'd have a LOT of input lag, and your GTX TITAN would have to include 3x HDMI ports in the back.

So, yeah... probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Also worth noting is the idea that these are almost 32 inch monitors. Getting three of these monitors would require a HUGE stand or table, and you'd have to be pretty far from the monitor so be able to see all the screen real estate.

Really, if 2560 x 1440 is already pushing it, then 4K is going to be an even bigger push. 3840 x 2160 is an insane amount of pixels. (Researchers have said that 8K or 16K are the most a human can observe in 2D, although much higher amounts would be needed for holographic 3D images. I don't remember where that article was, sorry. I might add it later.)