4k Displayport Cable Blackout

4k users where did you get your displayport cables?
Trying to drive 4k60 10bit and both OEM monitor cable and 3rd party “high quality” ones are getting blackout and artifacting occasionally, often during a period of large motion on the screen like when watching a movie.
The 3rd party high quality ones were a let down, so instead of trying a bunch of different sellers I am just going to ask what you all went with for your 4k solutions.

As a sidenote
The monitor itself is a bit pokey and is going to be RMA’d soon for bad pixels… I doubt the display is at fault as other people who experience these symptoms closely align with displayport cable issues.

In another thread regarding the highly touted Level1 KVM solution, a number of people mentioned issues with cable quality in general due to the bandwidth required by the standard.

Windows/Linux, AMD gpu 8GB, 10bit,

Well, that came with the 4k monitor in the same box.

In linux you can try adding amdgpu.dc=0 to grub. It might not be the cable.

I just went overkill and got these so there’d be no question:

That said, I still have occasional blackout issues (described in the post you linked) on my Linux machine which I do not have in macOS (both going through my L1 KVM). It blacks out for a second and then comes back with a mouse click. It is annoying, but not show-stopping. Very low chance it is cable-related though.

I did have show-stopping issues with kernel 4.15. Hopefully, my current issue will be fixed as the AMDGPU developers continue to refine the overhaul from 4.15.