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4k at 60hz with Intel HD 530 Graphics

I am attempting to get my Vizio p55-f1 tv to display my computer in 4k at 60hz, but I am only getting 30hz as an option. I am using a 6ft DisplayPort male to HDMI male cable that says it is rated for 4k. I have an ASUS Z170 motherboard. I have selected UHD on the inputs on the TV.

According to all the specifications, this should be able to run 4k at 60hz just fine.


i am having trouble finding which HDMI port is rated for what input. The only thing I have found for sure is:

HDMI Port 5 supports a 4k @ 60 Hz input, but only at 4:2:0. It does not support 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 because it does not have the necessary bandwidth. It also doesn’t support HDR.


I don’t know about the other ports. I tried scanninf through the manual but it is short on specifics that i could see.


Additionally I have had issues with my Intel Iris Pro 580 iGPU reliable pushing 4K at all, with random drop outs. I have also seen this happen as a result of the cable used and interference around the cables.

Is the DP to HDMI cable you are using Active or Passive?

Have you tried a shorter cable?

First recomendation:

  1. update your tvs firmware
  2. if possible try first with a gpu with hdmi that you know that supports 4k at 60hz, before trying with the adapter
  3. some DisplayPort->hdmi have limitations, some do not support 60hz or chroma 4:4:4, check yours do
  4. check aditional info here:

Notes from my experience

  • on my samsung tv, the 4kz at 60hz and chroma 4:4:4 on first hdmi with uhd option active
  • some tv required to disabled game mode or select a specific profile on the selected hdmi port
  • Club3D adapter DP- HDMI adapter supports 4k at 60hz at chroma 4:4:4
  • if you using linux you might need run extra commands like mentioned here: Why can't Intel 530 Graphics run 4K @ 60Hz?

the full mainboard name plz?

edit: there is no z170 board with DP 1.3 i could find that mean it should be 1.2.
while DP 1.2 can do UHD 60 HZ RGB it can’t do UHD 60 HZ HDMI 2.0 that was added with DP 1.3.
this means an active cable may work and an passive cable shouldn’t work.

the connector 1-4 on your TV can do 60 HZ HDMI 4:4:4 the settings from the TV are more about to stop it from subsampling not to get the signal in.