4K at 47.5" viewing (49" tv) causing me problems while gaming

What is your TV model? Or did I miss it somewhere?

What is your PWM Dimming Frequency? Perhaps you are flicker sensitive. Does it have a BFI option?

Does it have a “PC” mode? What Chroma is it using in Game Mode?

Guys also I am noticing in Gaming Mode the door textures at times look worse.

It was already said that yes things will look worse by @DigitalBytes and he is correct.

I didn’t see a PC mode but I believe on the site that reviewed this, which I can’t find now, gave me settings that were best for pc gaming. In regards to the Chroma it uses in Game Mode I will have to find that out but this tv does support 4:4:4 Chroma on the HDMI connection I am using on the tv.

I will share that info. @Raziel in a little while in this message here. I just have to do some survey work first. BBIAB

On most TVs it requires that you use a specific HDMI port, just sayin… sometimes things are overlooked.

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Maybe like sit back away from the screen.

The positioning of the screen has been discussed and will be tried in the future. Unfortunately with the computer desks I have I can’t do this. I will have to try things out on my kitchen table which will be a royal pain in the butt but will be done. I am trying things people are suggesting and doing my best to do them in a timely fashion but right now I have to take a break from this due to work … stupid survey work. LOL!


Well you have a TV for a computer monitor not sure what you expect lol.

How close is this TV to your face? If it’s filling up the entirety of your center vision and most of your periphery then my guess is your mind is orienting itself with the artificial horizon on screen, and your inner ear is attempting to compensate for the sideways motion and such your eyes recognize. It may be subtle enough it takes time to notice, but that is my guess, that is the root cause of alot of nausea in VR. That and framerate issues causing people’s brains to just plain flip the fuck out.

It is 17.5 inches or a bit more away from my face.

I have never had the sort of things happening to me now with previous tvs when using them for pc gaming. Now let me say though when I purchased the tv I was worried about the size of the tv being a problem for pc gaming. There just wasn’t anything smaller with the features I wanted and at such a good price.

That’s probably the main issue here.
How can you even see the whole monitor by sitting so close to it? My 24" monitor is ~30" away from my face.


Just held a measuring tape in front of me, that is very close for such a size of screen. Less than an arms length.


Not helpful. Also it is a panel that produces an image, which differs from a monitor how?

I sit 3.5 feet back from 3x 50" 4K surround, no issues. I got 4K so I could sit up close.

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42" vs. the 17.5" @DeViLzzz stated. That’s more than double the distance.

My tv model is …


4k @ 30Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes
4k @ 60Hz Yes
4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

Like the Sony X750D, the X700D can display Chroma 4:4:4 at 4k @ 60Hz only on the HDMI port 2 and 3 and you need to switch the ‘HDMI signal format’ to ‘Enhanced format’. When the picture mode is set to ‘Graphics’ or ‘Game’ the input lag is 31.4ms.

I got to check and see if my custom settings (recommended from this site) included Enhanced format.

Update: At first I could not find anything regarding Enhanced format but the reason was it that the tv’s interface had a different setup than the one shown on the site and I can confirm Enhanced format is on for HDMI 2 and HDMI 3.

Here are the calibration settings they recommended for this tv and that is what I was using to game and do everything else.


I am using HDMI 2 which is one of the ports where 4K is available and Enhanced format is on.

Ok I just noticed something mentioned on the website I linked and that is for PC I have to put it into Graphic mode and then copy the settings they recommend to use for Custom mode. So yeah I am going to go do that now. I am not sure why it has to be set to Graphic mode but whatever.

Update: All is done in regards to this and without even gaming yet I noticed that on the desktop lettering is sharper and brighter. Now to get to gaming.