4K at 47.5" viewing (49" tv) causing me problems while gaming

So I have played Doom and Far Cry 2 at 4K. Response time for pc gaming is good on this tv so that shouldn’t be what is causing me problems. I have turned off motion blur if available and I also have had to adjust mouse settings to keep me from getting dizzy watching what is on the screen. The thing is though I still feel like I want to puke at times. I am wondering if the FOV at this screen size being so close up to my face is causing me problems. I am going to see if I can adjust it even if I have to mess with configuration files. I am almost to the point where I am thinking getting rid of the GTX 1080 Ti and eventually the 4K tv, when I have it paid off, because the experience has been painful at times. Anyone else get dizzy and get slight headaches from gaming at 4K? Also anyone feel ill playing at certain FOV settings? Finally I am going to test these games at 1080p on my son’s pc with it’s 15" monitor to see if things feel better for me. Btw I have pc gamed in the past on a 32" tv at 720p and a 40" tv at 1080p and had no problems with anything other than motion blur which many do not like and shut off. LOL! Oh and one more thing I am getting 60 FPS at 4K with what I am playing as I am using a GTX 1080 Ti so frame rate problems are not a thing. So just interested to hear your thoughts people.

Persistance on the panel might be too high to play comfortably games, that’s why you’re feeling dizzy after playing. There’s no “gaming mode” on it that disables every software enanchment? On my LG 49" only game mode makes it not bad enough to play some games on it. Even if I turn off everything manually it’s not like using game mode. The image quality is degraded but makes playing games better.

Have you tried games that aren’t first person shooters? If this problem only occurs when you play FPS, then you might just experience motion sickness.

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I am with @TheDiddilyHorror here.

I might just be a case of sitting too close to a screen so large it fills all of your vision. Then it is a problem of visually seeing a lot of motion but not feeling it because you are sitting stationary, the disconnect causing the motion sickness/dissyness.

Basically the reverse of reading in a car where you feel the motion of moving but are not seeing it because you are looking at a book and that disconnect causing you to feel sick.

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@DeViLzzz You can also try increasing the FoV. It helped me a bit with Skyrim, being able to play for longer period than 15min at a time, but it didn’t solve the issue entirely. I think I had the FoV up to 105 or 110. But that was on a 24" 1080p monitor.

But I’d try different game genres first, like a 3rd person game or an RPG or just anything that isn’t First Person perspective, and see if the issue persists.

Or get more distance between you and the monitor.

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Thanks guys for all the input thus far and I will try various things recommended / mentioned thus far. @MetalizeYourBrain I have a question and that is what do you mean by persistence on the panel being too high?

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I mean that the pixel refresh slower than each frame “happens” so the image is not refreshed by the panel exactly every 16.8ms (assuming 60Hz refresh rate) but a shadow of the old frame is still on the panel. This crates a less sharp image and gives you motion sickness.

About the last part the only way I will get more distance between me and the screen is if I keep the tv and use it for console gaming with the Xbox One S … and hopefully the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X in the future. I was hoping to 4K game on pc but if I am going to feel sick doing it then there is the possibility I will just sell the tv but the thing is this tv rated very well for it’s price range so getting rid of it would be stupid unless I got a crazy, good offer.

Then keep it. Better than selling it, just to buy a new one later in the future.
Just try if there’s anything you can do about it, like increasing the FoV. Or finding out if it happens in other genres too (read: non-first person games).
If it only occurs in FPS and increasing the FoV doesn’t help enough, well…welcome to my world. Missed out on so many FPS over the years because of getting nauseous.

Can you not move it further back, or are the cables too short on your keyboard and mouse? Why not use a controller on the PC and sit further back for the games that works well with.

How far are you away from it now?

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I guess if I had a different computer desk I could move it back a bit. There is a shelf that is not removable and so the monitor is closer than it might be with other people’s setups. The thing is this distance has never been a problem for 1080p or 720p gaming … just sayin’

Still though I can hook it up on my kitchen table and see how things are from different distances there to see if a new computer desk would help out.

In regards to how far I am away from it well it would be about 17.5 inches or a bit more.

I do this on my 4k TV and really enjoy it. Most AAA games support the xbox controller natively, and I’ve even considered setting up a wireless keyboard and mouse to play everything from my couch. I don’t do multiplayer games due to the limitations of the controller, but I even play FPS games with the controller and enjoy it. 55" screen and sitting about 10’ away. Was PC gamer when I was young, shifted to consoles around the PS2 days, and came back to PC gaming with the release of the current gen consoles. Mostly did it to get higher frame rates and better graphics while maintaining the feel of console gaming.

Sitting farther from the TV will help. Game mode on the TV will also help.

Have you tried running game at 1080 on the 2160 screen with everything else the same. Still full screen, still keyboard and mouse, still where you are sitting right now, just changing the resolution. 1080p will scale perfectly to a 2160p screen so you will not get any additional blurriness, lower detail yes but not smeared and stretched, just taking 4 pixels in a square to be 1 of the 1080p ones.

As for @DigitalBytes it varies on usefulness but you can make any game through Steam work with a controller now through the Steam Controller API, you can just map keyboard and mouse to the controller. Just as a by the way because I saw it there before replying. Does not work.perfectly for all games but great for some and fine for many.

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Have you tried these resolutions on your current TV? I think you mentioned before that those other TVs were different sizes. As the size goes up, it fills your FOV if you keep it the same distance away, which can lead to issues.

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In regards to 1080p and 720p from what I remember it looked like **** on this tv. There are HDMI ports that only go up to 1080p though that I have not tried but they do not support 4k. LOL!

Let me load up Doom for the hell of it and see it in 1080p on the HDMI port that supports 4k which is what I am currently using now.

I have messed with controller mapping in the past and it just doesn’t cut it for me on games that were never designed for a controller. 2 examples would be Age of Empires 3 and The Witcher. I have to play AoE3 on a keyboard for proper unit management and the Witcher is unplayable without a keyboard. I bought it in a bundle awhile back and still haven’t played it due to this issue. I did complete Half Life 2 with a controller and that was pretty fun.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it as a long term solution if you are sitting that close. But it will help you troubleshoot what exactly is causing the issue. My gut is still telling me that you are just too close. Makes me sick just thinking about being closer than about 4 feet from my TV. The game mode is also something you definitely want to try if you haven’t.

@Zibob I don’t have a 4K pc to play games with a controller. : S I am also a pc / console gamer so if I need my fix with a controller I play the games on my console. Yes there are some pc games I would not mind playing with a controller and some even really would work better using it but that would be some of the old school Mario type games and yes Doom would be a good experience playing with controller on pc but I just can’t get myself to do that on pc.

I was sure I had this tv set up best for pc gaming based off what was said in an depth review on a website. I do see some interesting settings in my tv settings but I trust what they said on the website I went to. It was a very detailed in depth analysis of this tv and they gave recommended settings for different things. Let me see if I can find it and link it. Btw checking the tv settings there is a game mode which I have on now and the most noticeable thing not in games yet is that the white on the desktop is very yellowish. Of course this mode is meant for gaming so I will try this in a moment.


I see FOV is able to be changed in the menus for Doom. It is currently set to 90.

I am playing it in Game Mode for the tv and it does look worse in small ways. The ground textures are poor. There may be other things too that are worse but not noticeable thus far. It has lowered the latency down by a full millisecond which is a plus I guess. It is now at 15+.

Putting the TV in game mode will look different than the other modes because it doesn’t use all the post-processing tricks in the TV to make the picture pop. However, I would recommend changing the color, brightness, and contrast settings when in game mode to your preference. On my TV, it will save these settings as game mode so if I switch modes and come back, it will look how I want it. You can also change settings on the PC itself from the nvidia control panel to dial this in. Game mode is designed to get the frames on the TV ASAP to cut down on input lag.