4k 60Hz of USB-typeC

I have a PC with Asus Z170-K and i5-6600, and a 4k monitor only with hdmi 2.0 ports. unfortunately, i dont have DP and HDMI 2.0 ports in the board (I dont have also a graphic card).
So, it is possible to connect the monitor via USB type-C of the board, using an active converter to hdmi 2.0, to have 4k 60hz?

Thank you.

Unfortunately I cant really point you in the way of a device that I know works properly but I found this.

EDIT: LOL idk what that preview is but the link is correct.




thank you.

Not that confident that the USB-C to displayport adapter above will work because I'm pretty sure that the USB-C on that motherboard doesn't support displayport over type C. USB-C can carry many, many things. But the only thing its guaranteed to carry is 3.1 5Gbps at a minimum. The C type on the Z170-K is provided by an add-in chip, not even off the south-bridge natively. For this reason, I highly doubt it will carry displayport. You can try, but the only solution I would guarantee to work is too add in a cheap, low power graphics card like this RX 460: