4K+ 21:10 monitors?

Is there any hope for a 4536x2160 21:10 monitor?

Maybe in the future but right now I'm not aware of any. It would be a pain in the ass to drive at least with the tech we have now and DP may be able to push 60hz on it but not sure. 

Probably... not


Maybe another 5 years down the track when companies start to run out of ideas to sell

Doubt it. that's a really obscure resolution and ratio.

It'd still be 4K video compatible yet offer the width of view of the cinemascope 21:9 monitors.

There is 21:9 which is slightly wider than 21:10. Ultra wide TV is the official name of the standard. Also called 5k but different from the standard 5k or Apples version of 5k.

Standard to my understanding for 5K is 5120x3200, Apples 5k is 5120x2880, UWT(5k) is 5120x2160. the issue is that there arnt really any GPU's that would support such a display and they would have to split the screen in half to power the panel. There is no way in hell dual link DVI would even be able to do it on its own. 4k is a stretch.

Which is why I'm hoping that the old display connections die off and Displayport takes over.