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4k 120hz is going to happen. Finally


Can’t tell what I’m more excited about. LG seems to be listening and is releasing HDMI 2.1

Alienware has a 55" OLED 4k 120hz…

AMD releasing 7nm…

Gonna be a good year for gaming


I was recently helping a buddy select a new monitor. His parameters were that it be around 30’-35’ Ultrawide, at least 2k, USB 3.1 Type C with downstream power to charge a MacBook, auto switching inputs so it would detect when switching from laptop to his desktop PC for gaming…

While IPS panels are preferred by most in gaming scenarios, some might go for VA panels or settle for something else in productivity use cases.

I honestly don’t know much about OLED panels but isn’t this basically a UHD 4k TV with a higher Hz (refresh rate)?

Most of the Ultrawide monitors are just curved TVs cut in half, so I’m curious if they would make a roughly 40’ 4k curved “ultrawide” or just keep it 16:9 instead of 21:9 aspect ratio…

Anyways I’m rambling, but the monitor market is certainly an interesting one right now :popcorn:


Pretty spiffy, curious how long it’ll take for 4K/120 to come down into budget range.


4k 120hz is going to happen. Theoretically.

I don’t know if any current GPU can achieve 4K at 120+ FPS? It depends on the in game settings I guess. But if you have to lower image quality to run at 120 FPS, What’s the point of 4K?

I’m sure the new standard will be viable in the near future.



Show me a GPU that can push AAA titles at 4k 120hz.


There’s more to gaming than this though.
I would love it for Rocket League for instance.


3-4 years imo


You won’t find any single solution that pushes120. However, some games like RE6, JC3. You’ll hit high frames. I’ve been gaming 4k since 4k launched. I’ve always had SLI. It used to be 45-60 with older gpus AAA. Now it’s 60-100 with 1080ti’s.

I’m not a fan of ultra wide’s due to the lower resolution. Anyone that says you can’t see in 4k, I’d gladly point to the trees in ghost recon compared to say the 34" Alienware 3440x1440. Also another reason is future proof. I owned the Wasabi Mango 4k 120 but sent it back for black screens. While it did work, I was amazed how fluid it was. Also could hit 1440p @ 144hz. 1080p 300hz lol…


Why would you want 4k for rocket league? Everything moves too fast to even notice the increase in resolution, unless you’re playing on a huuuuuge screen.


Idk man depends on the game, either way it’s a chicken and egg problem, I’d rather have availability of awesome stuff I can’t afford over GPUs coming out with recycled chips during a crypto boom


Destiny 2 on a 1080ti runs consistently at 70-85fps @ 4K pushing almost full tilt, with the exception of foliage shadows being a notch lower. Anyway that’s a 2017 console game on a last gen card, so I’d say 4K 120 is not farfetched for AAA in the near future


Agree. With AMD launching new GPU’s… Intel’s rumored to be launching GPU’s sometime soon. If I were somebody that wants to get into 4K gaming, I’d go SLI with used cards if $$$ was the objective.


Have you heard of the term Foveated Vision?

Our eyes can only see 4K in a very small field in the center of our vision. We move our eyes and head around to give us the illusion that everything we see is in sharp focus. Our brains fill in the gaps.

By rendering a full screen in 4K, most of it is wasted. That’s why the HTC Vive Pro has eye tracking built into the headset. That device only renders what you are looking at in full resolution. The rest of the display is kind of blurry but you can’t notice it because of foveated vision.

Now if there was a way to tie Tobii eye tracking to a 4K monitor, so that most of the screen was at 1080p while the center of vision was 4K, that would make 120Hz 4K more usable.


All I’m trying to say is you can see the difference in quality


I disagree, I’ve played it in 4k and it was glorious.


4k capable hardware is becoming more ubiquitous = all around good thing for gaming.