4K, 120Hz and Monitors without gimmicks

This video from Linus basically hits the nail on the head in regards to what I said about 1080p 120Hz monitors several years ago. I never understood how a doubled refresh rate equated to more than double the price. It’s complete horseshit. All while adding features that I could give two FUCKS about. I already have a keyboard which lights up and that makes sense. And now I might get a mouse that lights up. But a logo on the back of the monitor you’re using? It’s just irritating.

The most intriguing thing about what Linus said was “early adopter” when speaking about 4K monitors with fancy specs such as 120Hz. What exactly does he mean? Is he suggesting such specs will be cheaper? I’m hoping to do a new build in 4ish years and do something NASTY and adequate enough for 4K.

It’s just like anything new. And yes, it does cost more than double the price for bleeding edge tech because the supply chain is not nearly as mature.

That’s why previously you had to pay through the nose for a 1080p IPS panel, when now you can get one for under $100.

I don’t know any component in a PC that doesn’t have diminishing returns. It’s just like having an Epiphone Les Paul for $500 vs a '57 Gibson Reissue. They’re fundamentally similar, and the BOM costs are not 15x, but YOU will pay 15x if you want the '57. You just have to weigh how much the price difference matters to you.

I have this monitor and highly recommend it. It’s not without short falls… buts it’s definitely better than gaming on a 4k tv. You can find it on sale below 1k if you watch for it