4gb gtx 960 vs r9 380 4gb

So I've been looking at getting one of these as they are both around the same price point here in New Zealand. So I was just wondering which card you would take.
I'm thinking the r9 380 would probably be more powerful but with things like the propriety Nvidia stuff I thought maybe the 960.

the 380 beats the 960 even in nvidia titles and if you want to pay only slightly more you can get a 380x which completely mops the floor with the 960.

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if your budget can buy a amd card buy it there is no point of buying nvidia unless if your budget is about 700+ NZD (not sure how much are the parts in NZ but I'm basing it off AUS prices). Better performance for the dollar. Basically in your case get the R9 380

Most benchmarks i have seen the R9-380 indeed seems to slightly outperform the GTX960.

I'd go with the 380. Also take a look at the 380X. It is a bit more money but you do get more performance of course.

Yeah it's about another $150 more almost 50% more.

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Thank you!

Jesus. NZ prices are insane. Here it is like $30 difference.

yes they are.

I was looking at a Dell U2713hm and an Asus PB278Q, the asus was more expensive by 150/200 dollars here whereas in the states the Asus was cheaper. Weird things happen here.

Like after the release of skylake the old i7 and i5 went up in price.


If you're still a little bit lost, phone up Clounge. They'll be able to give you a second opinion on what you want to get :)

I'd go for the 380 personally though. They have a 4gb model as well.

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If anyone is willing to part a bang for buck pc from here then please go ahead.
No case needed just mobo cpu ram prefer to have an ssd and hdd and well now I'm pretty much set on the 4gb r9 380. Oh well that site doesn't actually stock it but I want to use this site mainly because of the possibility of being able to get things without paying the GST because magic.

Cheapest I have been able to find the 4gb 380 http://www.impc.co.nz/products/dv_ava381.html

I do like computer lounge but through a friend I can buy off pbtech without gst lol

I'd be very wary of pb tech. Horrible customer service. I had a bricked mobo and it took them 6 months to replace and I was left without a computer for a portion of that time as they didn't have a replacement for me. Clounge are much easier to deal with, as are Playtech to a lesser degree.