ITT: 4870X2

Go go go!

4870X2..2GB of GDDR5..15% faster than 4870 in CF? Epic win.

so what do we talk about in here?

Where do you guys get this info about it being 15% faster than 2 4870's in CF?

not if they made a gtx280gx2 (still, i can't talk about that)...


In here we can discuss specs, post pictures and benchmarks of the card.

We talk about the 4870X2. Hopefully they'll fix the heating problems for it..

ITT = In This forum Thread.

i have RESOURCES plus i did my RESEARCH...

Fatal0ne: Do you mind posting a reliable source?

do your OWN research...

Y'know, GX2 280's a better name than GTX 280X2 IMO.

I have a link talking about the GTX 280 GX2, but it's from softpedia.


Oh great..We've gone OT again. (sorry for double post).

Hehe fake


They were jokes, btw. It'd be a waste of money for nVIDIA to continue using GDDR3..For 2GB of VRAM. If/when they're gonna do that, they should use GDDR5.

Although, comparing this card to other is on-topic.

they should make a 4870x3 (that would make everything else look like rubber ducks) this on the other hand would be a thanksgiving turkey...

4870X4 VS GTX 280X4 in Octi-CrossFireX and Octi-SLI respectively.


ati wins because xfire scales better.........

I'd think ATi'd win too..GDDR5 > GDDR3.

you guys know there's going to be a second crysis right?