4870 = worthy upgrade over 8800 gt?

k i wanna get something that kills the 8800GTX and i want the 4870(assuming its much better)..so i have 2 questions,,

1st...is it worth upgrading from an 8800GT??

2nd..since im running a x2 [email protected] 3.1Ghz...how badly bottlenecked would i be?? and would i still see a significant improvement even if so..

The 4870 is a beast.

'Nuff said.

Depends can you still play everythin you want with a decent frame rate?

So yes i wont spen the 215-240 euros (my country :P) on the card and i would wait for the better cards like nvidias 55nm 2xxGTX cards cos they will be faster and cheaper.

But if you cant play everything you want with a decent frame rate(except crysis for crysis you need like 2 9800GTX+ or you need to wait for atis next gen cards cos crysis doesnt support CF)

Yeeh then i would upgrade but i think the 8800GT will stil do the job and if i where you i would wait for the next gen of cards.

But if you just want to play games faster.

Than buy the HD4870 and sell the 8800GT to me :P

1. Yes, it is a nice jump.

2. You shouldn't see any problems with bottlenecking.


its a big jump. but dont do it, because you can still play all the games you want to play with the 8800gt. why replace something if it works? dont waste your money. when you do upgrade in a year or two, go with some other awesome card. dont upgrade yet. save your money.


i wouldnt, an 8800gt is still a good card, i dont see anything coming out in the next year that would destroy that card so id stick it out. so ya just wait and save, then in like 6 months or more just get whatever is top of the line, or just do a whole new build.

people telling u to just buy it probably just really like ati, and the 4870 is a better card by a good amount, but by the time you need more than an 8800gt to play the games and decent settings the 4870 will be outdated. Like George said, you can still play all the games you want.

The biggest reason I want it, is for DirectX10.1 Other than that, I could care less really, if I wanted performance out the arse I'd go ahead and get a 4870 X2. But with DX11 just around the corner, my 8800GT will be good enough for me, just gonna overclock it to as high as possible(Aiming for 750 Core clock)

get the radeon 4870 cause it has alot of potential and i also heard somthing about agia physx drivers or somthing is built in to the card and the in the future when the new drivers come out that wil get faster and faster and it may match the gtx 280 in some cases so its like the next 8800 ultra if you know what i mean

Hells to the yeah!

dude lildelo u serious? 4870 the new 8800 ultra lol

thanks alot for all the feedback..i can play all games well (maybe im thinking i need a better card because of crysis) but you most of you guys are right,its not worth upgrading for 1 game...ill wait till end of the year or next summer to upgrade,


btw the physics for Ati wont be ageia but havok ;P

I think the GTX 260+ is goin to be worth it its goin to be like 5% faster than the HD4870 and like same price

But what i dont understand is why nvid released there cards as 65 nm why didnt they just wait for the 55nm at least than they would be som competition for ati but now ati is blowin them away :s

have they even announced the gtx260+

but ya as to why they built it on the 65nm process, its better to build new and bigger gpu's on a manufacturing process thats tested and they are familiar with, and if they hadn't launched it what would nvidia even have out to compete with the new ati cards.

Ati really made a smart move building the RV670 on the 55nm process.

heck yah

8800gt is still really good, if you have an nvidia mobo like the 680i/750i ftw/780i mobos i'd probably just be cheap with it and get another 8800gt. or better yet, just be patient and wait for the new 2xxGTX+'s, they shouldn't be that far away :P

I would say stay with the 8800gt, and later get a DirectX 11 card.... as for DirectX 10.1; I don't really see the point in it... the only game I've seen to support DirectX 10.1 at a point was Assassin's Creed; though nVidia played Ubisoft to just support DX10.

[color=#ffffff]Wow weeman this is months old, I completely forgot that substance ended up buying the 4890. lol[/color]

I have a Kuma @ 3.0GHz, and a 3870X2 OC'd to 878/1910 and this shit is bottlenecked like there's no tomorrow... shits under 32bit and a kuma.. and my card is comprable to a 4870 in instances... I know a new chip would help out, and i'm assuming my kuma is better, so I say he will see an annoying bottleneck like I myself do

I'm delaying upgrading m 8800GT as long as I can. It's gotten me this far without any complaints...When it starts being sluggish I'll squeeze the life out of it by overclocking it.