4790k temp with AIO that makes gurgling noise? going bad?

First off, HI EVERYBODY!

Okay I have just a simple question regarding AIO coolers.

Is it normal for them to not be uh completely filled, like if you move the case around with it off and start it up and can hear gurgling?

I ask because at idle on bios screen my 4790k sits at like 47C, It has always been a bit hot with this cooler. uh H55 i think it is, I know this cooler is a bit small for full loaded 4790k but at idie shouldn't it be closer to 30s?

H55 is an underwhelming CPU cooler. That aside, Corsair's AIOs sometimes gurgle when they startup because liquid is sloshing in the radiator/reservoir. My H100 gurgled from the day I opened the box, never seen adverse affects.

That is what I thought after some research that the H55 would be more suited to a lesser cpu.

And yet it works beautifully for the R9 290X. Can't keep an 8350 below 70C load, but it keeps a 290X from hitting 75C...

Ya I can't even full load with the h55 it will get mid 80s, even playing battlefield 4 its upper 70s, I need a better case too, the 250d just doesn't do well under heavy gaming with the 4790k and a 980 generally I have to take the top lid off so it can vent better, even with a nf-f14 or w/e the noctua 140mm pwm fan is in the front, too much of the air is just getting blased into the power supply instead of up and over the board.

If you're sold on Corsair just grab an H80i or gt, it will solve your problems. You can find some good prices on used ones every now and then.

H55 is indeed not realy a great cooler.
could be that your pump is slowly starting to die.
If you like to overclock and you want to stay on water, you might concider a upgrade.

Maybe something like H100i-GTX, Enermax Liqtech 240, etc.

They all have some air in them. To avoid gurgling make sure the rad In/Out is not at the top otherwise they usually settle down after a couple of hours use.

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My H100i gurgles whenever I bump the case, but it still works. I figure next build I'll get an EK Predator, something built with real watercooling parts.