4770K vs 3930K rendering

I'm thinking the 3930K would win because of the extra 2 cores but haswell has really fast cache and AVX2

I was wondering if anyone has any hardcore proof that one is better at Adobe Premiere and after affects

I kinda need to know because my friend is dropping a few grand into a editing Gaming computer and I really don't want him to waste almost a grand of it because one was faster than the other

he's a well rounded guy that uses just about every program in the adobe collection as well as 3DS max maya

I think it depends on the setup. I used to have a machine with an overclocked 3770k and three 680's in SLI, and it was fast for rendering, but then I switched to a 3960X at stock speed with those same two 680's in SLI, and that's a hell of a lot faster, so much that it can't be the extra cores alone, and I'm quite sure it's the extra bandwidth of the FCLGA2011 platform. Maybe it makes less of a difference with only one graphics card, maybe not, have never tried.

he will have 2 SLI 780s and it could have something to do with the quad channel memory and x79 does have more PCI-E lanes

he's upgrading from a 3570K/HD 4000 with 4GB of ram and I'm just really worried about something that's worth the price and will be a good improvement

not worried on games as much as rendering, he's going to be playing GTA IV and V and I'm pretty sure 2 780s can handle it at 5760x1080 better than a HD 4000 can

I just really don't want my friend to blow a couple grand for something that's lackluster compared to the price

I also have to say that I gave the old mobo and the 3770k with one 680 to someone else, and the difference between the old setup with three 680's on that board and with that CPU is not as great as with only one 680 for rendering, that's part of why I think that the 1155 platform bottlenecked with SLI.

I also need to say that I just got a newer Xeon E5-2690 C602 machine (from a hacked up HP Z I got at a really good price and then frankensteined into a workstation), with a single firepro W5000 and a last year model IOFX, and even though the 3960X with two 680's should outrun it on paper, it doesn't, because the IOFX makes it so much faster, it's crazy. Fast storage is the single most efficient performance upgrade you can do in my opinion, and this year's IOFX's are a lot faster still, but I didn't want to spend that much on something I wasn't sure about, so I got a last year one for a really good price, about the same as a single 780 in fact. It beats any SSD RAID solution because of much lower latency and much better stability, and is a whole lot cheaper than traditional pro grade low latency/high bandwidth PCI-E SSD solutions.

he is going to go with a 240GB 92,000 IOPS muskin drive from a mechanicle 1TB, and he's also getting 3 2TB baracudas for storage

what's an IOXF?


Even though the 4770k has better single core performance I would still go 3930k personally as the overall grunt of the3930k when all six cores are being used out do the 4770k with no issues whitch adobe will use. it's not like were talking an 1100t vs 4770k then i would have said 4770k :P as for the Xeon E5-2690 that zoltan has..... it's an 8 core beast for Adobe. the scalability it offers over the 3930k in Apps like Adobe is disgusting. just worksation heaven.

there's my 2 cence


well I live like 500 miles for the guy, once I build it, my troubleshooting ability is quite limited

also that's probably quite its already going to cost around $3,500 for the desktop (quite a lot for morgantown Kentucky)

minor thread detour are theese available in the uk and how did you get it? directly? a vendor?

how do you guys feel on Ram, so far I have down 2 sets of these for quad channel, is 32GB worth it or is 16GB fine?


MOAR RAM MOAR RAM lol, imaturity aside if it fits the budget yeah it's worth it, that and he can do RAM DISK comfertably if he wanted too aswell. some of the Adobe and CAD forum sites iv been on before in the past when this has been brought up before, people have generaly reccomend 4gigs per cpu core as an ideal min. from personal experience i find it hard to disagree too. 

You would be really cool if you had a Fusion IO Octal ;)

Haha the coolest kid in town that is lol, only 10TB no big deal lol.