4770K or 4930K

I currently do some rendering, not professionally, and gaming. I was hoping that the 4930K would help in rendering but also future proof my system for a while since its a six core. What I'm getting at is the price difference between the two worth it? I do plan on overclocking whichever I get. Thanks in advance.

well the 4930k  for just gaming and a littlebit of rendering is just overkill.

just pickup the i7-4770K and trow the money you save in a  highend GPU.

Nah, wait for haswell e, the first entry level cpu haswell e will be a 6 core and the high end ones will be 8 cores so the 5820(4820 now) will be a 6 core and the 5930k and up will be 8 cores hopefully and the price will still be 300 as with the 4820.