4690k high temps

My 4690k with cooler master nepton 240m runs very hot in games it hits 70-75c and with prime at maxes out at 100c, its running stock speeds and voltage. what do you think could cause such high temps. thermal paste i used was not that one that came with the cooler but ceramique 2.

Make sure you didn't put too much or to little TIM on.

Also ensure the block is even tighten on the CPU.

Also check what volts it peaks at when gaming when running at stock, each mobo pumps different amounts. 

Conform the pump is running on the cooler.

Try reseating the cooler block. Reapply paste after cleaning it off with some isopropyl alcohol.

Make sure it's a pea sized amount. here's TS's video on it

also don't use prime95 to test thermals especially on haswell parts. Prime95 can artificially increase the voltage and since the vrm on haswell is on the die it can really jack up the temps and potentially cause damage.

what software can i use? and how can i confirm the pump is working? the cooler master logo is lit up, right now pump is connected to the mobo but i have molex connectro to connect it straight the psu 

trial version of aida64. It has a stress test and thermal read out right together.

you should be able to hear the pump (albiet quiet) if it's running. someone may have to correct me on that

i will try that and maybe try to reseat pump tomorrow, i have build many pc's but this one seems to keeps giving me all kinds of trouble

Also try running the fans in pull config

i have looked at the pump and bracket and it seems to be seated properly, would taking ceramique 2 off and putting tim that cooler came with make things worse or better? i live in florida and when it starts to get hot i will probably have overheating problems and thats why i need to figure this out.

even at idle my cpu is at 45c while all the other parts are it 25-30c and its cold in my room


I would say 45c at idle is pretty high. It does seem that the contact between the block and CPU is not right. 

For stressing the CPU, aida 64 is a good program to go with. I personally use real bench and run the H.264 benchmark 10 loops and never looked back.

Use realtemp to messure the temps and CPU-z to monitor the volts. At default the volts should peak around the 1.2v mark, depending on your motherboard. 

Resit your cooler with different TIM ensuring the block is tightened evenly and give it another spin.

Let us know how you get on.

You can setup a push pull config but in reality, that only drops temps 2-3 degrees.

Download links below:

CPUz goo.gl/cf8S6e

RealBench goo.gl/OeJdRv

Aida64 goo.gl/xpGy8j

RealTemp goo.gl/Iv8YVY


in hwmonitor my vcore is 1.760???

Go in bios and de activate auto voltage control , just set it to offset and offset it to -0.05 or something to avoid the V's getting too high . 

when i ran aida 64 bench my temps hit 100c which is ehn my cpu starts to throttle itself, my guess is y cpu cooler is not seated right after all, do any of you have any thps o how to make sure my cooler is seated right its cm nepton 240m

If you are running 1.7 V then you VOLTAGE IS BAD 

Please CHANGE it before any more testing 

core voltage in cpu z 1.017, so im guessing hwmonitr is not showing correct vcore, and my vcore in bios is around 1.017 as well

im going to take cooler off and reinstall it, what tim should i use ceramique 2 or cooler master tim?

I would say coolermaster , as ceramique sounds bad ( reminds me of older tim )

Take it off , make sure of proper contact . 

i changed thermal paste, apparently my cooler wasnt pressing against cpu all the way, my idle temps are 40c and with aida 64 bench it hit 84c

running aida 64 stress test 52c(stressing just the cpu) with fans on cooler spinning at 30%, 63c when stressign cpu, fpu and cache

It must be hot in Florida during the winter. I'm in South Carolina and my CPU, i5 4690k, idles at 25 degrees Centigrade, while OC'ed to 4.4 GHz.

my room is 22c, what cooler are u using?