4670k or FX-8350?

Hi guys

I've been thinking about upgrading my whole system alot recently, and since I received newer games, I've noticed that the multiplayer side of things has been lagging quite alot more than the single player, games such as BF4, this points to the CPU being the issue not that GPU. I have another post that goes into more detail here. So my question is, would it be more future proof to get a 4670k, or an 8350? Seeing as newer games will be designed to work on the newer consoles, and also... Mantle!!

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

My Specs are below and as you can see I already have an AMD processor, so I wouldn't need a new motherboard.


Motherboard - Asus M5A97

CPU - AMD FX-4170

GPU - GTX 560ti

Ram - 16gb Kingston DDR3 1600mhz


If you need any more specs then please let me know!!

Thanks in advance.

If I was you I'd get an 8320 instead of the 8350, save some money and just overclock it.  I have the m5a97 r2.0 and an 8320 sitting at 4.5 ghz (250 fsb) and I dont have much experience in overclocking so you should get that too.  With the stock cooler you could go to 4.0 and just leave it.  Lets you put aside some money for a gpu in the future as you dont have to buy a new mobo and the few quid going from a 8320 to a 8350 :)


PS: Any of those cpus are great mate, just may aswell save some money if you have an am3 board already 

I don't have any experience in overclocking with CPU's haha, and with my current 4170 i already have a 212 evo cooler, which should fit nicely. Plus i've found an 8350 for £137, which i cant really turn down, plus ive only got money for an 8350 so if i went down the intel route it would have to wait another couple of months. Would it be worth the wait, plus it would use up most, if not all my money.


Unless you can find an 8320 for cheaper then go for that its a great price.  That 212 is a sweet cooler too so you should be set for 4.4 ish or more.  I didnt have any experience I just followed a guide on the internet. Just take it slow you know? More performance for free! To be honest the difference between the i5 and 8350 both overclocked in todays games is unnoticeable, just get the 8350 you will not be disappointed.  

They are both going to the bottlenecked by your 560ti to some extent anyway, slap an 8320/50 in there with that 212 cooler, get it to 4.4 and you will the laughing all day!  The cost of switching over to the i5 when you already have an am3 board is not worth it.   

Literally just enough for an 8350, i'd have to wait a couple of months to buy the intel

FX8320 would be a good choice.

If you were to go with an 8320, it would be a waste of that ram imo. Plus the 8350 (which I have) easily oc's to 4.8 ghz with a decent cooler. So for that price I would buy any day.

Are you absolutely sure you don't need a new motherboard when getting the 8350? It's quite the beast and if you're planning on overclocking you might want to see how well your motherboard holds up...

"Waste of that RAM..." 

Uh, why? 

I have the second revision of his board (basically includes a USB3 header) and an overclocked FX-8320 at 4.2 GHz. It'll handle it fine, though, it's not the best option for big overclocks. 

If you're looking to not upgrade anytime soon, just grab the cheaper one (usually the 8350). Otherwise, try to find benchmarks for the games you play and try justifying getting the faster one (if it's the cheaper one, great! If it's the more expensive one, does the performance delta warrant the price difference (ie is it worth it)?)

Not that my overclock is a demonstration of that. :P

I haven't pushed it any further because I just want slightly better than an FX-8350 performance.