4670k L408B479 batch number

Hey! So I recently got a 4670k and I was looking at several websites but I cannot seem to find any information about how well my processor would overclock. Its batch number is L408B479 and I won't get to build my system for a while as I need to gather up the money to grab a corsair carbide 300r for £65. My question is does anyone have the same batch and if so could you tell me how well it performs at temps,voltages clock speeds etc.

Thanks in advance!

Just read on a youtube comment somewhere that L3's weren't able to push higher then 4.6 but I believe that was the 4790k. People should be adding information on L4's this weekend. I know I would if I had one of those lol.

Did some googling.


Looks promising.

Oh wow. So it seems like this processor will have a pretty big chance at being beast at overclocking! Thanks a lot for the info, I really appreciate it.

The batch number definitely doesn't guarantee a better overclock. The L3's seems to be less consistent at getting past 4.6, but the L4's it is still a bit of a toss up. I managed to get an L4 i7 4790k, and it's no better than 70% of 4770k's at overclocking.

Costa Rica seems to be where you want your chip to come from. I think the other location is Malaysia but I am not sure how much it matters since every company out there bins all of their products now.